Just for all you people who dont know what ADGTH i

Just for all you people who dont know what ADGTH i

Just a quick description for all you new people

This movie (to put it simply) is about a german shepard named Charlie and his best friend Itchy.  Also there's this weird bulldog-ish villan known as Carface (weird name eh?) and let's not for get Carface's assistant Killer ( i think he's a type of hound but whatever.)  Now Carface is out to get Charlie cause they are business partners.  Carface wants the business to himself.  So.....he runs Charlie over with a car.  Charlie goes into heaven and then meets Annabelle ( shes some sort of pink greyhound or something) He soon goes back down to earth.  How, you ask? By taking his life watch and turning it back. After reuniting with Itchy he meets an orphan named Anne Marie who can talk to animals. Charlie and Itchy take advantage of her 'power' to make money. Well she thinks that Charlie loves her, but she soon realizes they've been using her. Anne Marie runs away............. and is kidnapped by Carface. While Charlie is saving her he runs out of time on his life whatch. But...well....let's just say he does'nt make it into heaven this time. Don't walk away yet! While visiting Anne Marie back on earth (by the way he visited her while she's asleep so she does'nt know) Annabelle comes and brings him back to heaven.

Throughout the movie are ocasional songs which are okay-ish ( i like the sequel's songs way better, but the 1st movie's story plot better) there are also some good lafs, plenty of suspese, and the occasional cry in certian scenes

But all in all i think this is a great movie and i'm glad it now has it's own website!


                                                                                                                               a.k.a Ferntail of Thunderclan




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April 07, 2010
Usa Is not currently on the site
Yes, I've seen this movie before and loved it! =D

January 06, 2010
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Alaskan Spirits Omega
Hey, this is a great article!!!

December 16, 2009
Uk Female Is not currently on the site
Unalaq Pack: Guard/Hunter
If this is ADGTHS, shouldn't the people here already know what ADGTH is? XD Good article though.

December 11, 2009
Pakistan Male Is not currently on the site
Admin of ADGTHS and BBS
Carface was mainly named after Scarface so it's mainly a pun on him and Other then this summary you can get a detailed information here. As well as DVD information if required. http://www.animationsource.org/adgth/en/info_general/&id_film=17

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