Stuff Sasha, there's definitely someone else for Charlie...

You may think that's it's soppy with Charlie and Sasha... well why not go for the alternative?


There seems to be something going on between Charlie and... wait for it... Anabelle.


Yes, that's right. There's a large amount of romance between these two. Don't believe me? Look at pictures for Anabelle. Watch Field Trip of the series. Watch them dance, watch Charlie forget about the watch and generally enjoy dancing with her, watch Anabelle remember how brilliant life was, read my fanfic Paranoia Agent in the Misc. Cartoon crossover section of FanFiction.Net.




Charlie and Anabelle dancing is the biggest hint in the franchise. Of course, Charlie's motive is getting the watch, and Anabelle's is just to give Charlie his own paradise, but for a spilt second they actually forget that and think about each other. She even gets worried when she sees she's been betrayed by Charlie. Now if they did a scene like Sasha in ADGTH2...


Charlie seems to just fall in line with Anabelle, he's actually ashamed by her snide remarks, but Anabelle gets worried about Charlie when he offers to go down to Earth. Actually offers. This completely deters not only the franchise from sense, but him from her... twenty more years should do it.


Well, she still gets a little worried.


She chooses Charlie for the biggest mission ever, and no I don't mean saving Christmas, I mean saving the future of "All Dogs" hence the name. I actually assume "Scruffy" to be their son several years later in my crossover "Tensou Sentai Goseiger".


Well, make your own mind up. But if you wish to become a Charelleshipper, please post a comment!

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Raa ee yaa
Raa ee
January 30, 2011
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Never? How about in the episode where the switched brains? Oh, and I have escalated Goseiger to all the Heisei Sentai, With Goukaiger and other works like Balto in there as well.

October 01, 2010
Male Is not currently on the site
Oh yeah... and did you notice in ADGTHTS Charlie and Sasha STILL haven't had their 'first date' o.o

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