Spirit Source newsMay 05, 2018
Plot Ideas - Spirit: Stallion


New concept artwork and ideas for the film has been added to the site!

Including one of the early ideas: Spirit is taken to a mining town, where he is later used to pull coal carts underground.


The Mines









Spirit and some other horses get stuck in the mine and though the others loose hope, Spirit does not give up and tries to cheer them up by telling them about his homeland.



"This scene would have taken place moments after the images in the dark mine, and you can feel the change in mood. Ultimately the story [...]

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      Spirit Source newsApril 13, 2018
      Spring News


      ~***~    Late-ish Spring News for Spirit Source     ~***~

      Lots of new merchandise has been added to the pages




      Windhowler and I have been working on some new emoticons . . .



      Characters from the original film "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron", the Spirit GBA game [...]

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      Animation Source newsMarch 19, 2018
      Mickey Mouse Animated Short Series


      I don't know if this has ever been shared on here before, as it isn't the latest in animated news, but last night I came across the Mickey Mouse animated shorts on Twitter.  If you're not familiar with this series, it first released on June 28th, 2013 on the Disney Channel.  The series is produced and directed by Paul Rudish, a man known for cartoon series such as Dextor's Labratory and The PowerPuff Girls. For the past four seasons of the series, seventy or so episodes have been released. These episodes can be found on the Mickey Mouse YouTube channel


      I [...]

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      Spirit Source newsJanuary 20, 2018
      New SS Site Style


       Windhowler and I have recently put together a new Spirit Source site style "Homeland" and it is now available to use!


      It's still a work in process as there are some elements that need changing.


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      Animation Source newsJanuary 01, 2018
      Interview with Tangled BG arti...
      HAPPY NEW YEARS![Fiona Hsieh, Disney] We are pleased to release the newest Animation Source inte [...]
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      TaleSpin Source newsDecember 22, 2017
      KitCloudkicker5285's Video Chr...
      This is my video Christmas card to the whole world! I hope you enjoy this! [...]
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      Animation Source newsDecember 03, 2017
      Balto Source gets a new theme!
        It's not a new default theme (although it could be if people want it to be, and if St [...]
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      Spirit Source newsDecember 01, 2017
      Count Down to Christmas - Wint...
        Image (c) Pawface Lil'Attic The Christmas site style is available to use again, fo [...]
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      TaleSpin Source newsOctober 23, 2017
      New Disney Afternoon Action Fi...
      Exciting news, everyone! These are Disney Afternoon figures from Funko! They look awesomely det [...]
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      The Lion King Source newsOctober 03, 2017
      Dark theme for TLKS
      DARK THEME FOR LKS   If you're a fan of using dark themes,  the Lion King Source n [...]
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