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Animation Source newsMarch 25, 2022
Easter egg Hunt


News writen and Translated by nakou.

Hi Animation Sourcians !

Images by Griffe, thank you ! 
(In english it says 
who's gonna win the Easter Eggs?)


It's time to wake up the spirits . After a little while, and a life or two (but unlike Puss in Boots , we still have a few lifes left !), AS organize a new treasure hunt project  (Wooohooo !)  but attention ! This year, we have decided to combine the treasure hunt to a Special Guests project! Yes, just like Ladybug who makes amalgams , [...]

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      Spirit Source newsJanuary 24, 2021
      Spirit: Untamed - Movie


      Just a bit of news! There is a new upcoming computer-animated movie by Dreamworks called Spirit: Untamed. It is a continuation (and also based off the TV series Spirit: Riding Free) and will be featuring the characters from the show. The film is scheduled to be released on June 4, 2021, by Universal Pictures. It will be produced on a lower budget and be made by a different animation studio outside of DreamWorks.

      Here is a first look




      As you can see some of the character's designs have been altered.

      Here is a quick summary of the story - When a heartless [...]

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      The Lion King Source newsJuly 26, 2020
      SOTW theme : family


      Thank You to the members who submitted art and images to the theme ‘family’

      Here are the winning picks:

      Keep Theme

      The Royal wedding


      There will be no more theme as this was a try out and a discussion needs to be had about if to keep doing it.

      One other update , keep an eye on the rolling banner over the next few weeks as i will be putting out a questionnaire about some of the minor changes around AS (mostly lks)


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      The Lion King Source newsJuly 20, 2020
      Reminder for SOTW theme + rolling banner idea


      Hi All!

      One week left for the next SOTW theme challenge. I have seen many lovely images over the last few weeks fitting the theme but not much fanart!
      If you plan on doing the theme please try to have the fanart/image submitted by 11pm on friday the 20th GMT! This will give Time for the winners to be picked. I know I put the 21st on the last post but I forgot about time zones when I posted that.

      Remember the image must be featuring official characters , fan characters can be in the image/art but must not be the main focus !

      Now onto rolling banners. We haven't used these much but i have [...]

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      The Lion King Source newsJune 21, 2020
      Sotw theme Update
      Due to lack of content sent the theme for sotw has not been used this week. As this is still on [...]
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      The Lion King Source newsJune 19, 2020
      Sotw theme Reminder
      Just a reminder, if you wish to enter the bi-weekly theme challenge please submit related content i [...]
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      The Lion King Source newsJune 07, 2020
      Sotw theme winners : pride
      There was not many images with just official characters with the theme pride, the fanart chosen sho [...]
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      The Lion King Source newsMay 31, 2020
      SOTW theme trial
      Hello all I had the idea to try and theme the SOTW every 2 weeks and so we will be trying this on [...]
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      Animation Source newsMay 24, 2020
      A glitch
      Hello all. Some of you may have been affected by a minor glitch with images/fanart, in which onc [...]
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      Animation Source newsApril 04, 2020
      Animation source easter egg hu...
      Starting  5th of april 12am (GMT) there will be 12 easter eggs hidden round the animation sour [...]
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