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TaleSpin Petition

A Future For TaleSpin
Ask Disney to bring back TaleSpin in comic book form!

1784 signatures since April 25, 2011

Goal : 2000 signatures till December 31, 2013
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TaleSpin was a top Disney show, a unique and creative masterpiece, and the first one created specifically for the popular Disney Afternoon programming block.

20 years later, it remains one of the most loved animated series Disney has ever created, and is fondly remembered by everyone who used to watch the Disney Afternoon.

Most 1990s kids are now parents, nostalgic of it, but also very willing to share the awesomeness of these shows with their children. This is the right time to bring them back!

Of course making a brand new series or episodes would be perfect, but unrealistic; although, the recent release of the "Darkwing Duck" comics, which are very successful (2nd best "kids" title selling each month!) proves that there's a high demand for it.

With its wonderful, gender-free appeal to both adults and children, and world-famous characters like Baloo and Shere Khan, TaleSpin would be just as successful!

(We'd like to kindly thank you for the TaleSpin vinylmations you released, and remind you it sold out in less than 6 hours!!!)

We, the undersigned, would like to see Disney/Marvel release new TaleSpin adventures!

The petition letter will be sent by regular mail, to various departments/companies : Disney Publishing, Disney TV Animation, Marvel and maybe other comic books publishers, by the end of December 2011.

NoDateNameAgeName and locationComments
2059November 01, 2013Oh kei
2058November 01, 2013Oh kei
2057November 01, 2013Matt loya
2056September 29, 2013Randall46Huntsville, United States
2055September 26, 2013Debasis Mohanty25cuttack, indiaPlease get back baloo and gang for a new season.
2054September 15, 2013KevinTaleSpin25Thousand Oaks CA, Untied States
2053September 12, 2013nutcast34Dallas, U.s
2052August 22, 2013Daniel pope18panama city,
2051July 19, 2013purnesh27dhar m.p., indiadear walt disney, please start again our favourite animations like talespin again we love you disney
2050July 09, 2013Ryan26Ryan D
2049July 05, 2013John
2048June 12, 2013Zen20Erie, USAI want to see Talespin return in atleast some form please! This show made my crummy childhood bearable and gave me a time to be happy and enjoy life~ I used to dream of flying on those adventures. Please Disney bring it back
2047May 28, 2013xAllyBreezexAlex Yes! I love this show!
2046May 24, 2013Mathilde26Paris, france
2045May 24, 2013nickle23santa rosa, usa
2044May 19, 2013tusher21dhaka, bangladesh
2043May 15, 2013AurélieFranceThis is a great show and i like to see more of this also i wanted to see more of Darkwing Duck!!
2042May 14, 2013russPhoenix, usaPlease bring back Talespin & Ducktales!
2041May 14, 2013russPhoenix, usaPlease bring back Talespin & Ducktales!
2040May 05, 2013Rado29Bratislava, Slovakia

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And if you want to help, don't forget our 'Virtual Season project' (TaleSpin fan comics) on the site and on the forums!

TaleSpin fan project

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Last comments

September 15, 2013
Usa Is not currently on the site
I would like to see some more episodes made of TaleSpin &
I would like disney to show us how TaleSpin was made

February 28, 2013
Is not currently on the site
:) i would like to see TaleSpin comics come back

hemant rajput
March 20, 2012
Is not currently on the site
disney have to accept it

January 20, 2012
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
I'm crossing my fingers Steet! I hope Diseny accept!

January 18, 2012
Fan news editor, Fan chars mod, Global m... France Female Is not currently on the site
~Steet's Angel x)
So you'll add some more time to the deadline? ^-^ Because now it should be over but there's no 1500 sign' as you wished :S

November 24, 2011
Webmaster France Male Is not currently on the site
BS leader
Maybe not in time, but I'll let the petition grow even after we send it.

November 22, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Steet, do you think that we will make it to 1500?

November 05, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Yup Steet, and I'm proud of it! :p

November 05, 2011
Webmaster France Male Is not currently on the site
BS leader
Thanks! So you're a new fan? Awesome! :)

November 05, 2011
Is not currently on the site
I just petitioned and I'm crossing my fingers tightly!
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