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Must-see fanfics

- The Eagle, by cowgirl645
A poem about the Eagle.

- Remebering Strider, by Sierra
A companion story with Kathleen Dewy's Spirit of the
Cimarron series; a tale about what happened to Spirit's
father: Strider and why he wasn't present...

- Jade: Part 1, by gemmawolf
The first part of Jade's story. Born as the daughter of the
lead stallion of the Cimmaron Herd, she will naturally
inherit the rank one day. But when ...

- Spuro Part 2: Pirates, by gemmawolf
**NOTE: Fighting, one mention of blood, no horror and no
swearing. You have been warned, but mild violence is not
enough in my eyes to class this as a...

- Fortified Love (1), by Lady_Aniu
The life, adventures, and emotions of perhaps the Calvary's
two closest mounts, Cremello and Solomon are expressed in
part 1 of a PM RP, long in the m...

Last fanfics sent :

- The Calvary King, by happystool
- Spirit Fanfic, by Thowra Spirit Luver
- Not Okay, by -Legolas10-
- The Ride, by SarabiMirage123
- It Has Begun, by White Knight
- The Chosen Foal, by Spirit Horse
- Suwannie Winds, by Spirit Horse
- Wolf, by JustAWriterChick
- Beating Hooves, by Spirit Horse
- Part 1~, by Charlee
- A Renagade's Tale, by Renagade14

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