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Vitani saved Kiara from death

Date : March 04, 2008

Category : Film questions

Question :
Pride Rock King :

I was wondering I know during the whole movie Vitani never harmed Kiara at all. I think she might secretly like Kiara and to someday be friends. Do you think the only reason she doesn't want herself or Zira to harm is because she wants to be friends with her.

Okay you know that Kovu saved Kiara from the fire well what if it was Vitani that rescued Kiara from the fire? Would Zira punish Vitani for saving Kiara from her desire for revenge? and how would Kiara thank Vitani for saving her? Please my friend wants to know.

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March 23, 2008
Is not currently on the site
zira doesnt like kiara and the only reason vitani and nuka set fire
to the land is vitani secretly likes kiara but doesnt want to show it
incase she into alot of trouble with hernmother and the rest of the

March 08, 2008
Is not currently on the site
Hmm.......I'm not sure Vitani liked Kiara.........Remember she tried
to kill her with the fire........

March 05, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
with all honesty zira might have killed her daughter for saving kiara
and yeah i think kiara would be very greatfull and thank vitani for
her help she was stubborn but kind kinda altho the scene might have
been similar as to when kovu saved her. i dont know that vitani liked
kiara or didnt im sure she'd try and get along with her for both her
brother's sake and the fact that the two probly have a few things in

March 15, 2008
Site builder (info), Site builder (graph... Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Global Mod; See Profile
nala4ever_12--> she only set the fire in the pride lands because her
mother told her to. Remember, her mother would kill her if she



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