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Do you think I need to introduce it to you? The Lion King is one of the greatest cinematographic success of history, and even the greatest success of the Disney Company. A masterpiece.

The Lion King is often seen as the best animated film ever made, and although the opinions may differ on this, it surely has great qualities.


The story of The Lion King is the story of a lion cub's journey to adulthood and Simbaacceptance of his royal destiny. Son of Mufasa, Simba witnesses the murder of his father by Scar, who drives him away from the kingdom. Lost in the jungle, he meets the famous Timon & Pumba, where he will learn "Hakuna Matata". But he will soon find out that he has a greater destiny than that...

The film has become a worldwide box office success, and even led recently to a Broadway musical. It was re-released in American theaters in 3D on September 16, 2011, again topping the box office.

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Released in 1994 in the USA and in Europe, the movie met a great success that Disney hadn’t anticipated. In fact, it was first supposed to be a “sub” Disney film because of the rule: “One Disney a year”, while waiting the one which was to be the real masterpiece. It was supposed to be Pocahontas, which had success too, but not as much as The Lion King...


After the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin, the Lion King was the one that brought Disney animation to a piedestal. Film after film, the company lost a little of what made the previous films so special, and that situation led to the current one where even Disney make CGI films and no traditional animation...Though, when you watch a movie like the Lion King, it’s just impossible to imagine a masterpiece like that being entirely made with computers.

The story was pretty much inspired of Hamlet (Shakespeare), deals with a tribe of lions, and the story is particularly centered aroud Simba; this character is the king’s only son.

After a tragic accident, he decides to leave the kingdom because of his shame. The role of king is taken by his uncle, his father’s rival, who will create terror and fear in the heart of the tribe. After several years in the jungle, Simba will come back to avenge his father and get back his throne.

The movie won several prizes like the Oscar® of the best song for “Can you feel the love tonight” and a second one which was given to Hans Zimmer for the best original music.


Executive producer : Thomas Schumacher
Producer : Don Hahn
Directors : Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers
Scenario : Jim Capobianco, Irene Mecchi, Linda Woolverton and Lorna Cook
Soundtrack : Hans Zimmer and Elton John


American voices :

Matthew Broderick ...Simba (adult)

James Earl Jones ...Mufasa

Jeremy Irons ...Scar

Rowan Atkinson ...Zazu

Nathan Lane ...Timon



Release date in the USA : June 24, 1994

DVD release date in the USA : October 7, 2003

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September 24, 2014
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My favorite film!:rottentomato: :whimper: :whimper:

September 23, 2014
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June 02, 2014
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
I have the Lion King on VHS

May 18, 2014
Is not currently on the site
AWESOME MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!:howl: :grincolonp: :wiggle:

December 30, 2013
Hong_kong Is not currently on the site
I have been watching TLK almost every Saturday!!!

September 11, 2013
Romania Is not currently on the site
lion king e cel mai tare din lume

August 06, 2013
Romania Is not currently on the site
ba astiacare ati lasat comentari voi nu stiti lion king mai bine decat eu sunt cel mai mare fan existibil a da am terminat si jocul daaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P

August 06, 2013
usa Female Is not currently on the site

July 17, 2013
Turkey Is not currently on the site
I love this movie sooo MUCH! :icon305:

May 01, 2013
Is not currently on the site
I love lion king so much:Love: :icon106:

Mufasa and Simba LOVER!!:)
January 22, 2013
Is not currently on the site
I love the Lion King so much! I have memorized all the lines for every character; I can cite the whole script! I am a huge fan! I really wish Disney would make a fourth movie about Mufasa's life early on, before he had Simba. It could be a love story about how he met Sarabi or how he fought Scar's father or something. That would be awesome... :) ;) lol :icon60:

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