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Mohadden's beginning :

mohaden's journey from birth to adult. what will befall this young prince, delight or disaster? read and find out! pg for abusement, fights, and some(but not a lot) blood
Length :

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The repeat :

Kovu and Kiara's two children are playing in the gourge one day, the same gourge that simba was in when the antelope herd stampeded, and a horrible repeating of events happen when the herd stampedes once more! will all survive? or will a death concurr once more?
Length :

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A lion's prophecy :

a very long time ago, back when the first lions came to pride rock, a very old and wise lion predicted a future so accurate it is scary. what did the wise old lion predic? please read and tell me what you think! not all poems have to ryme!!
Length :

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What if... :

what if... Kovu had gone after simba and got crushed by the logs? what if nuka had been to blame
Length :

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The Tale of Sarafina :

When Sarafina is found inside the pridelands, she must retell her past, brave the stone-hearted Ahadi, and make room for her unborn children.
Length :

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