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Balto Source newsNovember 01, 2004
Balto 3 : Change of Pages

Written by steet :

 I've made changes in the Balto 3 section : as the information page on Balto 3 is now outdated, I've moved it to an "Old" section. I've added a small info page instead presenting the film without any major spoilers, and a DVD info page containing information about the region issues for everyone who can't want and want to import it. Finally, I've removed the old "Spoilers" page, which was useless now...
I've also added some Balto 3 screenshots, trying to get some that will not reveal anything important about the scenario through these pictures.
There are two new Balto forums : Balto Sector (here) and this one (here )
Here's a small picture of the "Balto Collection" pack which will come out late november in Italia :

To make the menu clearer, I've now separated the Fans links and the Site links into two sections.
Finally, I've added new drawings from Wolfpup, Wolf Fx Alex, Jennawolf, Wolf_250 in the Fan art section.

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January 12, 2006
Is not currently on the site
yo no he visto balto3 gotita:cry: :(

March 06, 2005
Is not currently on the site
What do you think draws people into Balto Movies?

March 05, 2005
Is not currently on the site
I've seen the new Balto movie it's awesome. Why do you think Balto changes in appearence in praticaly every movie?

February 28, 2005
Is not currently on the site
If you make a Balto 4 what will it be about and who will be in it.

November 05, 2004
Is not currently on the site
Balto 3 is coming closer yeah HOWEL!!

November 03, 2004
Is not currently on the site
Yes, I don't consider Asterix or other comic that was made into cartoons as animated movies. As for the japanese ones, well...they are manga, and it's very different to me (I'm not saying that I don't like mangas, because it's all the contrary, but that's not the same thing)
Well, in the case of TLK, do you really think someone hadn't seen it before seeing the sequel? TLK was probably the most popular animated movies at the time the sequel came out (and it's still is, even if there is Finding Nemo - that I don't like, BTW but that's not the subject) That's different for WQ, I'm sure a lot of people didn't know anything about the original Balto before seeing it.
As for a Balto 4, in fact I don't really doubt there will be one. But the problem is more : when? Look at series like Indiana jones, which will get a fourth one a few dozens of years after the third one... So when? Not before one year for sure, or even two if they haven't planned it yet. I would guess...3 years. Like the gap between WQ and WoC. And you're right about midquels, Universal did it for An american tail with their two DTV sequels which takes place between the original and "Fievel goes west" (I haven't seen the DTV sequels, but it's what I guessed according to their scenarios)

November 02, 2004
Is not currently on the site
That pack looks awesome I wish they came out in North America

November 02, 2004
usa Female Is not currently on the site

November 02, 2004
Is not currently on the site
You're French and you forgot the Asterix movies? :) Ok, they were based on books, they weren't sequels, strictly speaking. Also the Lupin III movies which come out pretty regularly, but that's in Japan.

The thing I'd add to Lion King is 'so far'. It also took - what, 4 or 5 years for a sequel to TLK and 7 years for a sequel to Balto. The fact that it took that long, and that it's aimed at a young audience might mean that the producers aren't even assuming that the audience has seen the first movie. Actually, if you never had seen the first movie, WQ would probably have been a lot better. Do I think there'll be a fourth Balto? I don't know, but if I had to bet, I'd say yes. He may be three years older already, but he's showing no signs of slowing down. Actually he was more energetic in thie new movie than he was in WQ. Plus if he gets too old, you could get another dog to play him, like 007 ;) An endless series of Balto movies... no, perhaps not. But even if he gets too old, there are always prequels and midquels. I remember a writer I liked a lot as a kid, Michael Moorcock, killed off his most famous character, Elric, in his first novel. That didn't stop him writing prequels and midquels on and off for the next 30 years.

November 02, 2004
Is not currently on the site
Yes, it's three years after the first one, that's one reason I said it doesn't go into a loop like LBT.
So according to you Loop, there would be a Balto 4; (I don't think it will tank if WQ sold that well...except if people who bought WQ didn't like it and won't buy this one because of WQ - which would be pretty stupid, as I already said.) but don't forget also that there are only a few animated movies that got three or more films (I can only see TLK, An American Tail and LBT...two of them are from Universal...well, that's really not impossible then...)

November 02, 2004
Is not currently on the site
Nope and I quote "In the cold winter of 1925..." :P

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