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Rohan (CC)

Rohan (CC)


Created by : Claire Cooper

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Related to Lion King? : Is Lion King related

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Animal/Human type : Lion

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark red


Detail Rohan (CC)

Name: Rohan

Meaning: Red Haired

Gender: Male

Age: Cub-Teen-Adult

Personality: Absolutely nothing like his parents. Rohan is well timid. He barely talks to others besides his siblings and step parents. He is easily shy and rarely stands up for himself which makes him an easy target towards other cubs. He is odd to say the least though tries to be brave fails badly at it. He is easily frightened and tends to run away rather then fight. Rohan is also a total momma's boy tends to be always beside Sienna at all times which makes him get teased even more but his siblings are always there to defend him when he needs it. He's sweet and innocent that would be the best two words to describe young Rohan.

Parents: Kiara and Kovu (c) Disney

Step Parents: Sienna and Zane (c) SaskeItalianWolf

Siblings: First Litter: Meehtu and Kotara (c) Me, Second Litter: Kayode (c) SaskeItalianWolf and Upendi (c) Me

Crush/Mate: He doubts he'll ever get one with the way things are going for him.

History: Born in secret Rohan was the last born and also the runt which made him weaker then his other siblings. Rohan was the only male cub born with the bright red mane thus earned his name. Rohan grew an instant connection with Sienna and from the day his mother died he never left her side. He rarely played with his siblings growing up due to his timid nature but he did often explore alone. Kabili often teased young Rohan every chance he got and because he was the king and queen's son nothing could really be done though that never stopped his sister from opening her big mouth. 

Due to the atmosphere of the area Rohan grew easily afraid and frightened by almost everyone accept his family well his close family anyway and as time grew on and Rohan grew up that attitude never changed he was still timid and easily nervous. Of course this attitude did at least make him one new friend and that was Ajani the young prince of the pride who was similar to him in more ways then one so they grew pretty close as friends and hung out more. Not many trusted Ajani due to his blood which in Rohan's opinion was less then fair so they kept they're friendship secret unlike when Ajani told Rohan of his crush on Aliya which easily spread like wild fire to his sister who instantly tried to hook them up with rediculous plans. Rohan still prefers to be with his step mother more then anyone though even if it did make him look like a baby he didn't really care.

Relation to TLK: Is Kiara and Kovu's son

Base belongs to SixNewAdventures


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June 08, 2013
Canada Female Is not currently on the site
Lone Wolf who protects others
Saske > I know I made him into such a little wuss XD

June 08, 2013
Global moderator Italy Female Is not currently on the site
Spirit Source/Balto Source Mod
Aww por Rohan xDD he needs a hug, you little scared cub D:


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