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Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Related to Lion King? : Is Lion King related

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Animal/Human type : Lion

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown


Detail Petra


Name: Petra 
Species: Lion
Gender: Female
Age: depends on use
Mother: Unkown(but she can just barely remember her.)
Father: Unkown
Siblings: None
Crush's on: open
Mate: Open
Cubs: maybe if she has a mate :)
History: working on it  ^^;
Description: She has a light dusky brown color,with darker colored spots on on her back to the top of her head,down her shoulders,under her eye markings and four dot's along her ear rims(well two on her left since part of it's torn off),she does have some bloody scars in this picture(I hope this is okay i mean it's not too bloody right?)and like I said before part of her left ear is torn off,a brown colored 'pridelander' nose,a dark cream colored underbelly,a dark brown tail,a grey'ish colored eye marking on the top with a lighter grey color on the bottem,the inside of her ears a dark grey i guess and I have know idea on what her eye color is, sorry.As she grows into an adult her color's remain the same but her 'spots'begin to fade.
Personality: A little 'rough around the edges' when you first meet her but after a while   
you'll find out that she can be a great friend(course that depends if she likes you or not.)
She's also not afraid to pick a fight with anyone that tries to hurt her friends so you can 
probubly imagine she's been scratched up a few times and 'ol Rafiki has to patch her up.
However despite all her 'roughness' she can become sensitive when it comes to talking about 
family's or when she see's other cub's having fun with there mother and father, why? Well because 
she never really had one her mother was suposably killed by Humans,she doesn't know what happened 
to her father and she has no siblings but she always tries to find the light in everything.Oh and she 
also has has a 'little' temper and can be violent,plus she's sarcastic from time to time.
Likes: Chasing firefly's,the rain,pouncing,playing with other cubs,swimming and star gazing.
Dislikes: Getting hit on the head by Rafiki's stick(there's no telling how many bump's she has on her head now XD)being picked on,being called a 'hyena' because of her spots or anyother namse,bullies,hyenas and human's.
Relation to TLK: She's not really related to any of the pridelander's(like Simba,Nala,Kiara,Kovu ext)but she was 
adopted by Rafiki when he found her as a cub hidden beneath some tall grass near his Baobab tree and the reason why he adopted her was because the Pridelands were in the time of a drought, Kiara and Kovu allready had there paws filled with cub's and he also was in need of a helper.
credit goes to xkelbix from DeviantArt for createing the base,here it is if you want to use it http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=the+lion+king+base#/d3dvwce


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