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Created by : -CrystalCurve95-

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Animal/Human type : Lion

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : ---------


Detail Jolk

Name: Jolk

Age: Grown up

Parents: Kiara and Kovu

Siblings: Betoto, Bahiya, Abasi

Personality: Jolk is rough with his siblings, and is clearly a hyper cub. He loves to make up jokes, and play games. Jolk is willing to try anything, even that he isn’t good at. He is an excellent learner, but can get distracted easily too. He doesn’t like the fact that Abasi had died since Jolk was the closets to him, but gets over it quickly. He’ll never be too tired to play his favorite game, hide and seek with his brothers and sister. He’ll listen to anyone, but will quickly wander off into his own work when their not paying attention. Jolk is a young and sensibly cub, and will always try his best at everything

History: Jolk was born into a harsh world, but it didn’t matter to him. All he could remember from being born, was that chitter-chatter of his mother and father, and the pesky voice of his older sister, Bahiya. He had soon fallen asleep after that.

When Jolk was a cub, he was left out easily. No cub would ever invite him to play games, join them in converstations, or even share prey. Jolk was born a lonely life with no friends in the world. Abasi was just a bit older then Jolk, and Abasi told good stories about the adventures he had with his friends, and how much trouble he would get in. He always said that Kiara pretended to sound angry, but she never was with him. Jolk had smiled at the thought. Abasi had saw the hint of smile in Jolk, and so he kept on talking like an unstoppable bird. When Abasi was finally done his talk, he went over to play with his friends. Jolk watched him go, and went over to find Betoto. When he got to Betoto, he was with Bahiya, and they were collecting shells by the watering whole that kinda looked like a beach. Jolk went over to join them, but Bahiya said that they were the only one’s allowed to collect shells. Betoto had nodded his agreement, but Jolk knew that wasn’t true, so he kept on collecting some. ‘Why do I have to be the runt of the litter?’ He thought sadly, cleaning out a shell. ‘Everybody treats me like a newborn cub, and I’m not!’ Jolk sighed, and went back to the queen’s nursery, where his mother was talking to Kovu. At the sight of Jolk, Kovu nuzzled the little cub. Then, he went back to talking with Kiara. Jolk relized it must have been something important if Kovu just nudged him and went back to talking, so he went out of the cave into his little den his mother and father had made out of brambles and twigs. He lay down there, and closed his eye’s untill he was fast asleep. Jolk woke up with a sudden start, and relized that Bahiya was nudging him. “Abasi’s dead!” she gasped, and ran out of the cave again. Jolk stood where he was, tear’s springing to his eye’s. Abasi was dead! How could it be? He ran out of the cave to his mother and father. They were next to the body of Abasi, grieving. For once, Jolk didn’t trust them. Had they killed Abasi on purpose so he couldn’t become the next king? Jolk was too shocked, that he didn’t want to see the answer. He went over to grieve for his brother. He would put revenge on whoever killed his brother. He would…. One day….

Related to The Lion King: Kiara and Kovu are his mother and father, and they are related to The Lion King in many ways

Head Base: Killer Bee

Body Base: Kisini

Design: BicycleGirl


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