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Created by : Rebekah_the_Lion

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Animal/Human type : Hyena

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown


Detail Charai

Name: Charai

Age: Varies

Gender: Female

Parents: Deceased

Siblings: Open

Crush/mate: Saman

Cubs: Open

Personality: Kind

Likes: Helping others, Saman, the hot sun, good luck, Mohatu

Dislikes: Pain, blood, evil, bad luck, evil rouge lions

History: Charai's mother and father were never part of a pack. Her mother had been raised by lions and her father had once been helped by some lions. Because of this, Charai's family had never been to war with lions. But many attacked them. The reason that Charai had no pack was because the other packs hated lions and wanted everyone to help attack. So they lived on their own. Charai had one older brother who she loved very much. But one day lions came to kill the hyenas for they were afraid that they would attack the pride. Charai and her mother were chased out. Her older brother died protecting Charai and her father died protecting her brother. Charai lived in the outlands that were near the pridelands and her mother was pregnant with her sister. A lion came while her mother was out and they talked. She found out his name was Saman, the price of the forest, and that he was getting a new sibling. Charai told Saman that she was getting a little sister when a young lioness showed up. She tackled Charai and Saman fought her off. He left to see his now siblings and Charai was told to see him tommorow. It started off like that, then they didn't see each other as much. So one day Tima, the lioness that attacked Charai, came to tell her to come to the pridelands. So Charai did, and saw Saman and his brothers. Saman told Charai to come to the pridelands every day, but the next day when Charai waited Tima came and snuck her into a ceramony thing. harai caught Saman's eye and knew that he had to say lioness. At the end when the lion and lioness cubs come to see if a prince or the princess liked them. Chari gained enough courage to go up their last. Thankfully after Charai explained her situation with help from Saman King Mohatu said that Charai could come into the pridelands any time she pleased. Chari thanked the king and rushed home to check on her mother, who was ill. She saw her mother's dead body and her little sister explained what happened. Charai stayed crying next to her mother for a long time, then began to walk across the log between the oultands and pridelands. She met Saman half way across and he took her onto the pridelands. Charai explained what happened and broke down into more tears. Then later Tama, Saman's younger brother, was killed in a stampede. Charai comforted Saman as best she could.

A few years later Tama was found but King Mohatu had been put under some kind of spell and tried to kill Tama. As King Mohatu said goodbye before he died, Charai comforted Saman as best she could, and helped to comfort Matthew and Emily too, as they were only cubs. Eventually Saman asked her to go out with him and she accepted. However, they were teased for it and soon they decided to go off and make their own pride.

More coming soon...

Base (C) by xkelbix



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can i make a pup

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