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Definitions in The Lion King Fandom

Here are my views of sensible and logic definitons for this fandom.


CANON = the first film's content. As in the authentic The Lion King.

---> The commentary track from the Laserdisc and DVD could be considered as canon the same, as it is a more detailed information on the creators' visions of the film's content. Call the commentary track "tier 2 canon" if you will.

SEMI-CANON/SUB-CANON = That which is not in the first film but is tied in to it by the film's makers - or downright created by them.

---> Because a thing can't possibly carry the word canon' in its definition if it has not been tied into the actual canon content by the canon content's creators. This means that absolutely nothing in this fandom can be defined as officially semi-canon/sub-canon.

OFFICIAL = Anything that has Disney's stamp on it as in has been approved by The Walt Disney Company.

SEMI-OFFICIAL = That which is generally official but is unofficial to the movie universe. As in that which has been approved by The Walt Disney Company BUT has not been tied into the movie universe by any of the film makers, (such as the books and comics.)

OFFICIAL FANFICTION = That which is made up by fans and approved by The Walt Disney Company. Such as the books and comics which totally were not created by The Walt Disney Company but only approved by it. Whether the authors were actual fans or just outsiders doesn't really make a difference. This is still the closest definiton to the books and comics.

OFFICIAL STORYLINE = That which is said and shown in the movies The Lion King and The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride. Or, if you will, just The Lion King while TLK2 completely ignored.

---> Naturally the first film's story remains the most official - but since it all started from a movie, the entire movie universe becomes the most official universe of the fandom. And naturally what is not said or shown in the storyline can not officially be part of it. "The Lion King 1½: Hakuna Matata" can't be counted as part of the official storyline because it's a parody and not a prequel.

FANON = That which is made up by fans and does not exist in any official Disney material as in has not been approved by The Walt Disney Company.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1.) What does these make of Kopa?
- Not canon nor semi-canon but official in general
- Unofficial to the movie universe
- Not part of the official storyline
- Not the cub at the end of the first film
- Official Fanfictin in essence

2.) What does these make of Kiara?
- Not canon  nor semi-canon but official in general
- Official to the movie universe
- Part of the official storyline
- The most official identity to the cub at the end of the first film
- The cub at the end of the first film in the official storyline

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am the admin of and originally posted this at The Lion King Origin Forums, which is a place for those who like to seperate the movies from the books just like Disney meant it.

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