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About Nuka, Vitani and Kovu

Little though about their unknown backgrounds

Troll Berserker :

Warning: This article contains some personal thoughs and opinions based on movie events. If you're going to comment with your fanfiction thoughs or yell at me that I'm completely wrong - better close this article and don't come back.

Anyway, let's start the right point. There are countless argues and questions about Nuka, Vitani and Kovu, their unknown pasts and parents. Here i'll post my thoughs with some explanations you may find interesting.


Some peple think that Nuka is not Scar's son, or even Zira was not Scar's mate. Let's say she was. Why? Why not? Nuka looks similar to both of them and I think he is their son, or maybe their only real kid. There comes an argument than he never reffered to Scar as "father", only "Scar". Look at him. He never talks about Scar with sentiment or love. With jealousy and hatred, he says thet it's him who should be the king, not Kovu, who is not even Scar's son. He says he should be the king because he's the oldest(and smartest, heh), not because he is Scar's son, but would he made it so clear that Kovu isn't Scar's son if he wasn't neither? He surely knew Scar. He wasn't threated well by Zira in the movie, and since Zira looks very obsessed by Scar, it's very possible that Scar didn't threat him well neither. The fact that Nuka wasn't the "chosen one" would cause his hatred towards Scar and that he wouldn't want to reffer to him as the "father", however, he still thinks that the throne should belong to him.

Vitani and Kovu

As it was said so many times in the movie, Kovu isn't Scar's son, but is Vitani his daughter? I'm almost sure that Vitani was born since Scar's regin. In the battle scene Nala and Vitani meets. Nala says Vitani's name, that means she recognized her, even if she didn't see her before(in the movie). That would prove my though that Nala met, or heard about Vitani when she was born since Scar's regin. Is she a daughter of Zira and Scar? There comes this famous NalaXScar pairing,because Vitani have blue eyes, pink nose and light fur. Yeah yeah, real lions breed with their familly  and all females in their pride yadda yadda, but I think that there is a great space between real lions and Lion King. One couple forever(generally). That's the reality. So I think she may be Zira's and Scar's daughter.

About Kovu, many people think that the is Zira's son, but many things tell me that he isn't. Why? If he's not Scar's son, Zira must gave birth after she was exiled from Pridelands, but Kovu is about similar age to Vitani. Don't you think this must take some time to find a new male, fall in love and give birth? Vitani would pretty much older than Kovu then, but she isn't. Now the most possible think is that he had two completely different parents and was just adopted by Scar and Zira. That would make sense now if Vitani was born isnce Scar's regin and  Kovu is about the same age as her.


Okay, I hope it wasn't too boring and too confusing. sorry for any language mistakes.

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Last comments

October 14, 2012
Is not currently on the site
What I'm starting to understand is Vitani Being Nala's daughter, It is very likely in the broad way Musical there is a scene where Scar trys to mate with Nala. Hmm...But i kinda like that idea even better. But I Believe 100% That Zira is the birth mother of Nuka and Kovu

October 14, 2012
Is not currently on the site
i think nuka said why its kovu so special and he should have been the chosen one simply because he is the first born and kovu wasn't. like above,, scar saw nuka as a failure probably and thus hand chose kovu to follow in his paw prints. another reason why nuka refers to him as, scar and not dad or father. who would its he sees you as a failure lol

October 14, 2012
usa Female Is not currently on the site

October 14, 2012
Is not currently on the site
oh geez i mean seriously there is a reason they all look lie scar because he is their father. the same way simba strongly resembles mufasa. NONE of the other lions have dark fur, dark mane and green eyes like scar but kovu and nuka so its pretty obvious they are his.

October 14, 2012
Is not currently on the site
i believe they are scar's, children. they all was born during scar's reign. Zira was probably pregnant with kovu at theend ofut lion king 1. she was exiled by Simba because of her loyalty to scar. so kovu and kiara are not exactly the same age, but pretty close. even though Nuka was the first born, he's pretty scrawny and just weird lol, so i believe she saw something different in kovu which made her favor him more.

August 07, 2012
Is not currently on the site
See, I'm having a tough time trying to figure out if Vitani and Nuka are Scars biological children. Don't hate me for saying this, but I found Scar to be a little Gay, if Lions can in fact be Gay. If not Gay, more 'Feminine' He never had a mate in LK1 despite there being a lot of females available. Also his hair flips, his swaying, him having the accent, "Sensational!", lets face it, Scar is downright fabulous.

So maybe he tried with a female to carry on the legacy, but it would've had to be before he died.

How long does it take green to regrow after its been burned and exhausted? Maybe enough time for Zira to have Nuka? MAYBE. And the fact that Vitani and Kovu are pretty much the same age discourages me from thinking that Vitani is Scars kid, again, Zira would've needed to be preggers before Scar died.

Kira is also pretty much the same age as both Kovu and Vitani, so this seems to happen after the regrowth of pride rock, you wouldn't subject new kids to a barren wasteland until you knew it was safe enough.

BUT THEN HOW DOES NALA KNOW VITANI. Omg, someone just send a letter to whoever wrote LK and as them.

I have so many thoughts I can't get them on computer fast enough.

Ok I'm done.... :o

July 22, 2012
Is not currently on the site
i agree but i think vitani was nala and scars that nala gave to zira and nuka's explanation was perfect kovu's 2

August 10, 2011
Canada Is not currently on the site
Finally! An article that makes sense. I never thought for one minute that Nuka and Vitani were related biologically to Scar if Kovu wasn't. This article made some really good points. I like how it mentions that Vitani and Kovu were more likely litter mates. Another thing I like is when the article said something about Nuka, Vitani and Kovu's parents being Zira and an unknown lion.

July 17, 2011
Is not currently on the site
I don't believe one bit, nor did I ever get the impression when I watched the movie, that Kovu was ever Zira's son. To my understanding, Kovu was adopted by Scar because of his potential. Obviously, his own son, Nuka, was a weak failure (much like himself *irony*). Zira, being the ever devout follower of Scar, accepted Kovu as one of her own children because Scar chose him. That and, well, if your hubby adopts a kid that means you adopted him, too.

Anyway, I don't think they would have stressed Kovu as being "adopted" if Zira was his biological mother. When a guy marries a woman with children, he doesn't "adopt" those children, he becomes their step-father end of discussion. Counter argument: they wanted to make sure we all knew Kovu wasn't related by blood to Kiara. But, most movies (even Disney movies) won't say the father "adopted" the child, they'll say outright "The man isn't the boy's father." Or again, even kids know the words "step-father."

Adopt is the key word here, I guess.

May 26, 2011
Is not currently on the site

"but would he made it so clear that Kovu isn't Scar's son if he wasn't neither?"

Of course he would. Didn't he in that scene even literally state that he doesn't understand why Kovu is so special? He made the not-Scar's-son matter so clear to make the point that for that reason Kovu shouldn't be any more special than he himself is and thus he doesn't understand what makes him so. Also, he spoke of himself as "I should've been the Chosen One" which in my opinion is the clearest detail to prove he is not Scar's son - hence, he thought of himself as just a candidate for being chosen instead of considering himself the rightful heir to begin with. So, I really think Nuka was not Scar's son.


Vitani is exactly the same size as Kovu, which means she was highly likely his litter mate. Because Kovu was the last born, she had to be older. And if she wasn't from the same litter, she would have to be bigger than Kovu. Because lions naturally carry their unborn child for some 3 months and don't have new litters immediately but after 6 months in minimum. Vitani would have to be at least 9 months older than Kovu if she wasn't from the same litter and she is WAY too small for that. I'd bet my life savings they meant Vitani and Kovu to be litter mates. And thus, Vitani isn't Scar's daughter.


"If he's not Scar's son, Zira must gave birth after she was exiled from Pridelands"

Kovu was the last born BEFORE Simba exiled them, so no, officially she did not give birth to anyone after the exile. And I don't see why you think Zira MUST have given birth after the exile anyway? We don't know when she joined Scar's pride. Perhaps she joined it with young or even adult Nuka while was carrying Kovu and Vitani and then gave birth to them some time before Simba returned.

"Don't you think this must take some time to find a new male, fall in love and give birth?"

Hence, my above reasoning - she didn't necessarely have to find anyone.

As for Kovu being adopted by both Scar and Zira, yes, it would make sense to him and Vitani being the same age without being litter mates and thus Vitani could be Scar's child, but...

...I seriously don't think the film makers would've made these parental matters this complicated without making the points in the film. Also, as they wrote a child who was not Scar's biological heir, as in a child that is taking the rights of a biological son - I believe they would've made the point literally, if any of the other two were biologically entitled heir. Because it would be crucial.

So, I think it is most likely that Nuka, Vitani and Kovu were all Zira's biological children by one unknown male.


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