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Do you think I need to introduce it to you? The Lion King is one of the greatest cinematographic success of history, and even the greatest success of the Disney Company. A masterpiece.

The Lion King is often seen as the best animated film ever made, and although the opinions may differ on this, it surely has great qualities.


The story of The Lion King is the story of a lion cub's journey to adulthood and Simbaacceptance of his royal destiny. Son of Mufasa, Simba witnesses the murder of his father by Scar, who drives him away from the kingdom. Lost in the jungle, he meets the famous Timon & Pumba, where he will learn "Hakuna Matata". But he will soon find out that he has a greater destiny than that...

The film has become a worldwide box office success, and even led recently to a Broadway musical. It was re-released in American theaters in 3D on September 16, 2011, again topping the box office.

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Animation Source newsApril 13, 2014
Animation at the Box Office - April 11-13


Rio 2 was released in American theaters this weekend and managed to top Captain America: The Winter Soldier on Friday. But it was not to last, and ultimately, it ended the weekend about $2 million short of 1st Place. Altogether, it managed a solid $39 million from its opening weekend. That's almost identical to its predecessor, which racked up $39.2 million. Considering it had solid competition this itme around, that makes its intake even more impressive. Combined with a foreign total of $125 million, Rio 2 has now earned $164.2 million worldwide. This means it's on track to easily [...]

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Animation Source newsApril 04, 2014
Frozen Source - NOW OPEN!


Well, ladies and gentlemen, Animation Source finally has a Source for the biggest animated film in history. That's right: FROZEN SOURCE IS HERE!

The Source was entirely created by Hecate, and I translated it into English. So if you want to thank anyone, thank her! Also of note, this is the first time in forever that a Source has opened on both the English and French sides at the same time!


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Troll Berserker
Lion King Source newsApril 03, 2014
The Lion King trivia!


Hello Lion King source.

I've got an idea to post more or less known Lion King facts on a rolling banner. What do you think of the idea and how often would you like those banners to change? Please comment and vote in new poll.


In other news, complete first movie sountrack has been added to site's Music Player.


Animation Source newsApril 01, 2014
Animation Source Closes - APRIL FOOLS!


You will have 24 hours to back up your art, characters, and profiles before Animation Source officially goes off-line. That's right: after almost 10 years, Animation Source is officially shutting down.

As Steet said in his latest staff meeting, "Animation Source is getting too tiring to deal with. There are too many people complaining about characters, not enough people contributing to the inactive Sources, and too much drama revolving around certain members. The shout boxes are full of rude people, the questions pages are littered with guest accounts, and the forums are [...]

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Animation Source newsMarch 30, 2014
Animation at the Box Office - ...
This will probably be the last news of this sort until Rio 2 releases, since animated films are not [...] Read more!

Lion King Source newsMarch 26, 2014
Try out run for new LKS banner
Me and Troll  have worked hard and have made this new layout If you cannot see it press [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsMarch 23, 2014
Animation at the Box Office - ...
After spending a weekend at the top of the box office, Mr. Peabody and Sherman plummetted to 3rd [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsMarch 23, 2014
As you may or may not yet know, we saw a big change on how the English side works today. We mods now [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsMarch 21, 2014
A Plethora of Animation News
Well, enough news has racked up in the past week or two for a news post, so here it is. Hopefully yo [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsMarch 17, 2014
Animation at the Box Office - ...
First of all, my apologies for not posting this news last week. I was on Spring Break. But there was [...] Read more!

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Is mega nalas father?
I think Nalas Father could possibly be Mega because 1.
If Mufasa was her father she would have known that simbas
related to her 2. Scar can't ...

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