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Do you think I need to introduce it to you? The Lion King is one of the greatest cinematographic success of history, and even the greatest success of the Disney Company. A masterpiece.

The Lion King is often seen as the best animated film ever made, and although the opinions may differ on this, it surely has great qualities.


The story of The Lion King is the story of a lion cub's journey to adulthood and Simbaacceptance of his royal destiny. Son of Mufasa, Simba witnesses the murder of his father by Scar, who drives him away from the kingdom. Lost in the jungle, he meets the famous Timon & Pumba, where he will learn "Hakuna Matata". But he will soon find out that he has a greater destiny than that...

The film has become a worldwide box office success, and even led recently to a Broadway musical. It was re-released in American theaters in 3D on September 16, 2011, again topping the box office.

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Animation Source newsJuly 14, 2014
20 Reasons Why The Lion King Still Rules 20 Years


Two big publications ( and posted interesting articles recently, to celebrate the 20 years of The Lion King.

They contacted me so I could post a link to their article, so here they are!

20 years of The Lion King

20 Reasons Why The Lion King Still Rules 20 Years :

Behind the scenes at The Lion King Musical :



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Animation Source newsJune 22, 2014
Small updates and glitch fixes


Hello Animation Source.

I just wanted to let everyone know that the contest and projects glitch has been fixed. You can submit your entries directly for contests/projects pages again! Pageviews glitch was fixed too.

I'd also like to welcome our new Source moderators. Skulblaka_Shur'tugal and Epyon on Balto Source and Brown Wolf on Lion King Source.

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Animation Source newsJune 20, 2014
New Site-wide Contest - HTTYD!


Remember a while ago when we had a site-wide Frozen contest? Well, now we're having another one: How to Train Your Dragon!

To celebrate the release of How to Train Your Dragon 2, Animation Source is hosting an art contest! There are two categories: Fan Art and Fan Images. Anyone from any Source is open to submit to both contests, but only one submission per category. The contest runs from right now through July 31. Then, for the month of August, members get to vote for their favorite piece from each category! The two winners will receive a great treat: A free digital copy of [...]

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Animation Source newsJune 14, 2014
Why the ads!


If you aren't using an ad blocker, you've surely noticed it by now : I am putting back ads on the site.
Wait! There's a good reason for this.

To put it simply, I am soon going to leave my current job, and I will be creating my own micro-company. (more on that later)
This means that I will have more time to dedicate to the site, so I'll be able to do much more than currently!
For example, I could add support for more languages, create a new and improved interface, correct all the remaining bugs etc... All the things I wanted to do but never could, because of time [...]

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Animation Source newsJune 13, 2014
This Week in Animation News
There's barely enough to cover here, so this should be short. First of all, Box Office [...] Read more!

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Lion King Source newsJune 10, 2014
Lion King news!
Hello Lion King Source, there are some great news for you:   1. Remember previous news ab [...] Read more!

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Lion King Source newsMay 30, 2014
New Lion King soundtrack with ...
Walt Disney Records just announced The Legacy Collection, a new line that will celebrate the anniver [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsMay 22, 2014
"Big Hero 6" First Trailer
Disney has released the first trailer for their next animated film, Big Hero 6. The film is based of [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsMay 12, 2014
Animation at the Box Office - ...
After a month of no updates, we finally have stuff to talk about. This weekend, Legends of Oz: D [...] Read more!

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Animation Source newsMay 09, 2014
My Little Pony Source is on!
This year is full of new sources. I'd like to announce an opening of a Source dedicated to the m [...] Read more!

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