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Do you think I need to introduce it to you? The Lion King is one of the greatest cinematographic success of history, and even the greatest success of the Disney Company. A masterpiece.

The Lion King is often seen as the best animated film ever made, and although the opinions may differ on this, it surely has great qualities.


The story of The Lion King is the story of a lion cub's journey to adulthood and Simbaacceptance of his royal destiny. Son of Mufasa, Simba witnesses the murder of his father by Scar, who drives him away from the kingdom. Lost in the jungle, he meets the famous Timon & Pumba, where he will learn "Hakuna Matata". But he will soon find out that he has a greater destiny than that...

The film has become a worldwide box office success, and even led recently to a Broadway musical. It was re-released in American theaters in 3D on September 16, 2011, again topping the box office.

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Lion King Source newsAugust 18, 2015
Lion guard: Return Of The roar extended clip


Hello Lion King Source!

Excited for Lion Guard already? Good news for you - there has been yet another sneak peek clip! It's an extension of the two previous clips from Kion and Bunga's race to Kion's mighty roar. It gives us a better view of the whole story and it features the whole Lion Guard crew.

On a personal note, this got me curious about Bunga. According to the video, Bunga's uncles' motto is "Hakuna Matata". Could that mean that he has relations to Timon and Pumbaa? We'll have to wait and see.


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Lion King Source newsAugust 12, 2015
First Clip of The Lion Guard


The long wait for more information on the new TV series, The Lion Guard, is now over!

A clip showing Kion in action has been revealed, shown here in this short video:


The television film, called 'Return of the Roar', is set to air on The Disney Channel in Novermber, preparing for the television series on Dinsey Junior next year.

Troll Beserker has also found a second clip for us to indulge in:

Also revealed are some of the voices of the cast.

Kion: Max Charles

Bunga: Joshua Rush

Ono: Atticus Shaffer

Fuli: Diamond White

Beshte: Dusan [...]

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Animation Source newsAugust 03, 2015
Minions Source is no longer? [UPDATE]


Minions Source is Gone for good?

Not to worry!  Minions Source isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but the name of the site has officially changed to Despicable Me Source! I'm aware that the URL still says minions, but it will hopefully be corrected soon after some further discussing.

Update: The URL has been changed from minions to despicableme.

Why the name change?

For the those of you who don't keep tabs on this site, me, JerseyCaptain and Leoglas_10 decided to go with Minions Source since the latest film to date is Minions. But since some of you have [...]

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Animation Source newsAugust 03, 2015
Do you want to be a mod?


Hello members of the sources.

It has time for us to open applications for people to complete, to try out for a mod position!
If you would like to try out, please fill out the following form.

Please remember we are looking for people who have been on longer then 6 months and are active,friendly members.

We are mostly in need of a fanfic mod but will use this to pick global mods in the future.


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Dark Mode for Minions Source!
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Troll Berserker
Lion King Source newsJuly 16, 2015
Kovu confirmed to be absent in...
I'm sorry, Kovu fans! Jason Marsden, the voice actor of adult Kovu has confirmed lately t [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsJuly 15, 2015
Dancing around the color wheel...
Okay folks, one more little (read: FINAL) update on the situation with the Minions Source color sche [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsJuly 15, 2015
Minions source color layout
Hey everyone!  So we've been receiving feedback on the question of the layout of Minions So [...] Read more!

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