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WolfQuest and Scamp's Adventure~ Same Storyline?

WolfQuest and Scamp's Adventure~ Same Storyline?

Similar to WQ?

Did anyone else notice that Scamp's Adventure (SA), had a similar storyline to WolfQuest (WQ)? 

1) Both pups were born with siblings that mostly mirrored their mothers. Aleu and all the red puppers, and Scamp with his three Lady look-a-likes. 

Both pups, were the only ones that took after their fathers, whom, I might as well mention, we're both MUTTS (and strays originally), while their mothers were purebreds.

Below you can see Aleu's sibs and Scamps sibs.




2) Both Aleu and Scamp were angry with their fathers (who in the beginning, they were really close to), which resulted in them running off on their own adventures.

Aleu was mad at her father's herritage.

Scamp was mad at the fact that his own father no longer wanted to be a stray (something Scamp had dreamed about).


3) Along the way, Scamp and Aleu meet up with someone who tries to show them what they are 'missing.'

Muru shows Aleu to embrace her herritage instead of shunning it.

Angel shows Scamp that being a stray dog is not all its cracked up to be. 


4) Aleu and Scamp are saved by their fathers. 

Balto helps the pack across the ice (saving the pack that Aleu becomes future leader of). 

Scamp is saved from the pound by his father... (haven't seen this movie in a while, forgive me...)





And while I'm at it, I might as well admit that Lady & the Tramp is also like Balto sort of. xP

The two mutts fall for the purebreds. They have to prove themselves to the purebreds, by showing them 'beauty.'

Balto~ 'The Northern Light' bottles

Tramp~ The midnight walk with Lady, the meatballs, the paw print hearts...

And then the mutts save the purebreds. The mutts get 'adopted'-ish by the pure-breds owners (think about it, Rosie must have 'adopted' Balto) and then they have puppers. The puppers then must go find themselves. 

The end.

So if you think about it, Balto and L&T are kind of alike.


Hope you liked my article! :3

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October 11, 2010
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Aurora Borealis Pup-Sitter
Yeah, I guess your right. They need new sequels. XP

October 11, 2010
Is not currently on the site
Well Lady and the Tramp were based on a novel. Balto was based on a true story. L&T was a romance. Balto was adventure with romance as a subplot.

Besides, the sequels are only similar because that plot is the easiest to recycle. Little Mermaid 2, Lion King 2, 101 Dalmatians 2, and many more share the exact same plot, where they get upset with a parental unit and run off to "find their identity". Which is something teenagers are obsessed with.

October 11, 2010
usa Female Is not currently on the site

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