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Screenshot's from movies., by Macaroni Mustang
Hello, my first question on AS. So might not
be to good. Well, my friend told me if a play a movie, like
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarr...

Program for Renderss??, by Jeronimo
Hey guyss I was wondering what you think is the best
free program (Not Paint or Paint.Net please) to make
renders??? You know how to make em lo...

Should Animation Source have a fans box?, by Renagade13
Ok, so I've been a member of Animation source for
quite some time now, and I have a question/sugestion for our
mods... So I have been on Spir...

What?, by Conay
What exactly is this section for? Since we can ask
questions on BS/LKS/TSS?Or is this for general things about

How do I become a mod???, by Viking101
I've been on the website for a time and I really
want to become a mod!!!!

What new sources, by Autumn
hi I was just wondering what new sources are gonna be


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