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Evan, October 11, 2014 06: 06
and since i was able to post to the forum before i wonder if im still able to do it dont know if its safe or not ,

Evan, October 11, 2014 03: 46
there has got to be another animation website similar to this one i wish i could find it and ask any questions i want and another thing i do not want any of that stupid Troll Berserkers insults to my intelligence and also i would like to forget i ever found this site im so glad that the question called Why Was Zazu locked in the Ribcage was deleted and i am not about to let that happen again i shall keep track of a much better site than this

Bambi, May 31, 2014 15: 34
Maybe should there be a Rugrats Source?

T.B, April 02, 2014 20: 12
Nope, there's no Little Mermaid source planned

Dragonfire810, June 14, 2013 21: 24
is there an opening for the Little Mermaid Source?

XxBunnyTommoxX, March 10, 2013 17: 48
Nice site I love it

WOLF8923, December 03, 2012 08: 54
wow this site is really amazing i thank all of you for all your hard work and dedication to make this happen mens alot when you see a true american hero like Balto on this website again really nice work keep it up u guys and thanks

LuluCalliope, December 02, 2012 19: 33
I've officially joined! Hooray for fans of animation!

Nala 66, September 03, 2012 09: 58
Good I love is

Aleu15, July 21, 2012 03: 01
Best site ever!

Miliana, July 04, 2012 08: 49
J'adore AS ! Félicitations !

MeAndOnlyMe, June 26, 2012 04: 06
Love the Balto and Lion King sections. Though I would really love to see a Little Mermaid section one day. Spread the word and maybe it will happen.

Skai, June 02, 2012 02: 26
this site seems really cool but i have a lot of messing around to do!

JC, May 13, 2012 15: 56
Animation is my life

lovefornala, January 22, 2012 17: 27
Hello. I am brought here today because I have learned my youtube video is being used on this website. This is not bad. I am just trying to find the location of my videos on the web. Can someone help me? The video is called Madness of king scar/be prepared reprise storyboard deleted scene. Thank you!

PM Hunter, December 12, 2011 18: 33
Love the site, love the look, and your work is great.

Akron Ohio, December 10, 2011 21: 29
Hi, thanks! I love the site.

Community Guide 360, December 10, 2011 21: 28
Hi, I am from Akron Ohio and just wanted to say I love this site. The colors are amazing!

xAceZiaH, December 01, 2011 19: 36
Un grand bravo pour ce site, bonne continuation !!

brook, November 26, 2011 16: 10

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