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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What can I do as a guest?

You can ask questions on Questions page and you can post in site's Guestbook. In order to be able to post any comments and submit your creations, you need to register.

  • How do I register?

Go to the top of the site and click "register." Then fill out the required information. Keep in mind, your E-mail needs to be valid or you won't be able to participate! If you can't have an E-mail, you can post messages as a guest. After that you will have to activate your account. Follow the instructions that the E-mail gives you. If you run into problems, chances are you did something incorrectly, or there is a glitch in the registration system. If you've done everything correctly, and you're still having problems, contact Steet.

  • How do I get an avatar?

Go to my profile---> Edit my profile---> Change my avatar. From there select an avatar from your computer. Make sure the file is: JPG, GIF, or PNG. BMP files are allowed too.

An alternate way to add a avatar is to add it to the URL of your avatar where you can edit your country, etc. This is good if you want to directly add an avatar from an existing link.

While I'm telling you about avatars, this is how you add them on the forums as well!

Go to User control panel---> Profile--> Edit avatar---> From there upload your image. If you get an error, double check the dimensions and file size of the avatar! The max is: Maximum dimensions; width: 200 pixels, height: 200 pixels, file size: 97.66 KiB.

  • How do I get a signature?

Take the same steps as above, BUT go to "Edit signature this time." You will need to upload your signature to an image hosting site such as: imageshack.us, photobucket.com, iaza.com, tinypic.com. Any place that you may know of. Get the direct URL of the image and the paste it into the text box. For an example here is mine. [img]http://i727.photobucket.com/albums/ww277/Roi_Doberwolf/my%20pics/Sigs/wolfsig2.png[/img] (don't use this please! The sig belongs to Roi Doderwolf, she has allowed me to use the sig)

That should get you your sig!

  • How long does it take for a mod to activate my submission?

Chances are, we're just as clueless as you are, as there is no answer to that. The mods will activate your submission when they get around to it. Remember, all of the mods have every single Source to check, so it may take some time. If you have been waiting 4 weeks or more, you should contact one of the mods to let them know you have been waiting awhile.

  • How do I render!?

There are lots of tutorials on the forums, showing different programs and techniques. Modt of render tutorials are posted on Spirit, Balto and Lion King source's forums. Use the search button on the forums to find them. Note: You must be registered on Animation Source in order to view forum topics.

  • How do I blend images?

There are multiple programs out there that will allow you to blend images such as: Photoshop, GIMP, photofiltre, and more.You can even find tutorials on the forums! There are also tutorials on YouTube, check that out if you can.

  • How do I make a character?

Sending in characters is very easy. Just go the character page and click "create new character" Add your info and your done! Characters need to be validated by the mods like any other fan creation. Be sure to read the rules carefuly. You can take a look at must-see characters for an idea of how a good character page should look.

  • Will there be bla bla bla Source?

Chances are the site is in the works. You can find all Sources that are currently in the works by clickling here.

  • Can there be a  bla bla bla Source?

Ideas for new sources have been shut down. There most likely won't be any more sources exxcept the ones that are currently in making, so please don't ask.

  • Something happened!! What do I do!!??

If you found a problem with the site, like an error code for example, don't PM/E-mail Steet! Report it in the*bug topic*. Remember, when reporting a problem, be specific!

Steet "This is the topic where you should report the bugs you've found on the site. Please post a message with the following information :

- Brief title of the bug
- Description of what happens (especially gives the error messages, if there is any)
- What was expected instead
- Where does it happen? (which site, which page?) If possible, give the links you used / the information you entered / etc, to get to this bug."

If this page hasn't helped you, ask a question by clicking here! Be sure to search to make sure it hasn't been asked before.I also find it helpful to use the search bar, sometimes the search in the questions page doesn't always pick up everything.

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