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Animation Source newsJune 11, 2012

Written by steet :


I'm sorry for the downtimes occuring lately, me and my co-host are still looking for what is causing them.

No change in the site code has been made lately so it's probably due to some upgrades on the server.

Until it's all fixed, please be patient!

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July 01, 2012
Uk Is not currently on the site
Most have been treated I think now by you, Steet. Unless they have cleared up themselves. But I reckon that you did it, Steet. Thank you anyway, we really like to see it back up and working properly. Thanks!

July 01, 2012
Is not currently on the site
I love this ! And all kids and Adults are saying are you making third one fourth or when the little bear grow up all the people want to see little grow up and they all want to see the brothers how they working ou? I hope you make another and keep on making more of brother bear

June 30, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site
Thank you, Steet

June 30, 2012
Webmaster France Male Is not currently on the site
AS leader
Kit => It's normal, there's a protection for mods so that no one else can use/hack your account. Sometimes, ISP give you new IP addresses. I will add your new IP address.

June 30, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site
Every time I sign in, I see this:

This moderator account cannot be accessed from the IP address you currently use: If you're the true member and accessing from a new location, please tell steet to add it into the allowed IP addresses. Until then, you won't have mod permissions.

Well I'm not in a new location, I'm on the same computer and in the same room I'm always in. I can't access the mod panel, so I haven't been able to do my Mod duties

June 17, 2012
Webmaster France Male Is not currently on the site
AS leader
When trying to correct the first error, it seems I broke something. It should be OK now.

June 17, 2012
Poland Female Is not currently on the site
Well, in our Talespin Source forum I can't add reply, 'cause one erroe appears that the server wasn't found out or that stuff... :/

June 16, 2012
Is not currently on the site
Akira - I knew I wasn't the only one getting that.

June 15, 2012
Japan Is not currently on the site
I'd just like to get rid of :
Strict Standards: Non-static method utf_normalizer::nfc() should not be called statically in /usr/home/steetboris/animsource/board/includes/utf/utf_tools.php on line 1804

Strict Standards: Non-static method utf_normalizer::nfkc() should not be called statically in /usr/home/steetboris/animsource/board/includes/utf/utf_tools.php on line 1686

and all the other issues. I can't edit contests and that's really getting on my nerves.

June 14, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site
I had it

June 14, 2012
usa Female Is not currently on the site


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