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Cats Don't Dance is an animated musical produced by the Warner Brother's Family Entertainment released March 26,1997. Set where Humans and Anthropomorphic live side by side. The movie is focused on an ambitious cat, Danny, who's dream of making big and seeing his name in lights in Hollywood. He left his small home in Kokomo, Indiana, to fulfil his dream in Hollywood to becoming a star with his singing and dancing. Upon his arrival, he heads straight to the 'Animal Acting Agency' where he meets the secretary, a female cat with the name Sawyer. Danny lands the part in Darla Dimple's (America's Sweetheart, Lover of Children and Animals) new movie "'Lil Ark Angel". He became disappointment when he realizes that the only part he can get are steriotypical cat roles with "Meow" being his only line in the film. Danny sets out to change that situation.

No sequels were released due to the films poor performance in the box office upon release.

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Animation Source newsApril 10, 2015
A New Layout for HTTYDS!


Designed by Moki Hunter (color sugggestion by me), she has come up with a nice and refreshing design! There are some changes yet being made with the color of the links, but for the most part it's complete. She's also working on a red version of this layout if you would prefer a red version.

Stop by and take a look around!. The content on the site is still being worked on, but should be completed sometime soon. 


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I really love it all the ... Nathan Lucas Mallard - 24 days
I love Danny And Sawyer> ... Nathan Mallard - 30 days
This too. Howe - 844 days
This is probably the firs... Howe - 844 days
Thanks Yearoo - 855 days
Lovely drawing! You're ve... Rainbowkat - 860 days
Thanks;) Yearoo - 860 days
Nice job Yearoo,with a li... Celtic Kate - 861 days
*Faves* Keep it up! Rainbowkat - 861 days
I'm calling out the Muffi... Howe - 862 days

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Animation Source newsApril 07, 2015
Introducing Site Boosters!


UPDATE : Site Boosters are now officially on Animation Source, and there's a first list of the "chosen ones"!

List of current sites boosters

Site Member
Secret of NIMH Source JerseyCaptain
How To Train Your Dragon Source MightyBalto1925, Moki Hunter
Bambi Source pawface, Gums
The Lion King Source happystool, Legolas10, LionObsession
Spirit Source blazetail
Watership Down Source blazetail, Cloudstar
My Little Pony [...]

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Animation Source newsApril 04, 2015
Thorn Valley!


For those of you who enjoy The Secret of NIMH, there has been plenty of activity over on NIMH Source, and in the forum section! 

In helping those of you who, at some point, may want to write NIMH fan fiction, or perhaps even do some conceptual fan art, I created a detailed topic which presents "Thorn Valley", the colony that the rats of NIMH established after they escaped from the rose bush, on the Fitzgibbon farm, at the end of the first movie (and the first book).  There have been plenty of NIMH fans who have wondered what it was like, and whether what is seen in [...]

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Animation Source newsApril 01, 2015
*BREAKING* Disney announces Frozen 3!


Some of you may know that a sequel to the highly popular "Disney Frozen" has been announced recently.

Frozen 3
But Disney has more plans! In addition to the already announced sequel, which will see a theatrical release, another sequel will be released directly on DVD and Bluray!

Read the press release :

"Bob Iger, CEO of Disney corporation, is proud to announce a whole new adventure into the Frozen series!

With all the praise surrounding the announcement of the first sequel, we are delighted to reveal the next sequel, "Frozen 3 : Tropical Sunshine". Join a summer [...]

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Animation Source newsMarch 22, 2015
Marathon NIMH Source Updates!
*WHEW!*  It's been a crazy few days, but I am happy to report that I've just completed [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsMarch 18, 2015
NIMH Source News!
Hello everyone!  For those Secret of NIMH fans in the Animation Source community, I would like [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsMarch 16, 2015
Gravity Falls Source now open!
Gravity Falls Source is now open to all users, and not long after the shows mid-season finale, and t [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsMarch 10, 2015
The Secret of NIMH Source open...
Believe it or not, it's been almost a year since the last site opening! (which was My Little Pon [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsMarch 03, 2015
How about some Shout Box chang...
Yesturday I was looking at the chat, and figured... Maybe it'd be time for some changes! The [...] Read more!

Troll Berserker
Animation Source newsMarch 02, 2015
Anastasia source's new layout
Hello Animation Source! I'm happy to announce that one of AS' less popular sources, Anast [...] Read more!

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