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Doubleur : Célim Mouhoubi / Bernard Gabay

Type principal : Perso. officiel

Réaliste? : Réaliste

Utilisé par une création de fan? : Utilisé dans une création

Permission d'utiliser : Public

Type animal/humain : Cerf

Sexe : Homme/Mâle

Détails du perso : Très détaillé

Couleur dominante : Marron


Detail Bambi

Bambi is a white tailed deer and the main character of both films, Bambi and Bambi II.

He is the son of The Great Prince of the forest, fact that makes him the Young Prince. Bambi is one happy fawn that learns important things from his mother and has fun with his friends, Thumper the rabbit, Flower the skunk and Faline, a young fawn like him. The winter will give him the loss of his mother, killed by the man and The Great Prince is shown to take him away. During spring, Bambi is a young adult stag, with his antlers growing on. He'll discover love thanks to Feline and the man will be, once again, damaging the forest with an extreme hunt that will make the forest on fire. At the end of the story, Bambi is seen to take The Great Prince's place while watching his two newborns fawns that he and Faline had, Geno and Gurri (names are from the book).

In Bambi II is shown the time that Bambi spent after his mother's death, living with his father, The Great Prince. Here will be introduced Ronno, a fawn that had just got his antlers and that was Bambi's love rival in the first movie, fighting the Young Prince to get Faline. At the end of the movie, Bambi's patcher are faded away and he got a pair of antlers himself. The Great Prince and Bambi will go to a special place where the older stag tells him that this place is where he had met Bambi's mother for the first time.



CharlotteTheCheetah : (06 Octobre 2012)

Bambee and teh butahflie (LOL) Family drawing

YearooTheCub54 : (25 Mai 2013)

Bambi Bambi

MyLittleWorld : (01 Décembre 2012)

 Oh come on, dad! It's christmas!

chi123 : (02 Novembre 2012)

Bambi, Young Prince of the Forest

Anna Andersson : (03 Mai 2014)

My first try at Bambi (I guess)

-Encore- : (20 Décembre 2014)


Destiny (PL) : (08 Janvier 2013)


MikekoSan : (22 Décembre 2012)

Bambi and Kiara Bambi and Faline

-Spottedleaf- : (22 Novembre 2013)

Bambi and Faline
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Bogart {Chaos} : (31 Décembre 2014)


mogo zoo13 : (28 Avril 2014)

Im Ronno Eww.. Ronno Kissed Me Plotting Against Ronno
Hi Bambi

spiritkids : (28 Octobre 2014)

Bambie with no spots

Maltathecub : (21 Septembre 2014)

Happy Bambi_avatar

Bambiraptor : (22 Septembre 2014)

Color experiment Big prince, little prince Following the leader

NightCat : (25 Décembre 2014)

The Bond Between Us... : Free Desktop Background Best Friends: Free desktop background
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MW Roach : (09 Janvier 2013)

Miracles of the Forest--Ch 1. 'The Rescue'
Bambi risks his life to save an unusual creature.
Miracles of the Forest Ch.2 "The Young Prince"
Geno is the new young prince of the forest, and although he
is trying desperately to follow in Bambi's hoof prints, he
can't help but make a few stumb...

Miracles of the Forest--Ch.4 "Welcome Home, Rags"
Bambi introduces Rags to the family. But there are questions
regarding the Prince's right to interfere with what some
believe to be Destiny....

Miracles of the Forest-- Ch. 5 "Moms and Dads"
It's been 6 months since Bambi rescued Rags, and The Rut has
begun. The moms and dads of our heroes discuss their views
on parenting.

Pawface : (27 Octobre 2014)

Songs and Poems from the Woods
Various poems by The Great Prince, Bambi, Zima, Lady
Almon'de, Tytain and Sir Javam of the Silver Herd.

DefyingGravity : (06 Novembre 2012)

A twist in our story - Prologue
Ronno wins the battle for Faline, taking her away as his
prize, while the Great Prince works to get Bambi on his
hooves again.

A twist in our story - Ch.1: New Herds
While Faline is getting used to her new life in Ronno's
herd, some new deer arrive in Bambi's forest...

A twist in our story - Chapter 2: Heat
While Faline feels her heat closing in and meets a stranger
while she's hiding from Ronno, Bambi and Primel talk not too
far away from the flames.

A twist in our story - Chapter 3: Nightly meetings
Faline meets Greer again and hears his story, which seems
unbelievable to her. While this happens, Bambi and the herds
are getting used to their new t...

LuluCalliope : (02 Décembre 2012)

An Unusual Request
The tale of Bambi's three children and the secrets they
uncover about their father's youth, as well as the unusual
last request made by Bambi's father...

An Unusual Request 2
In which Bambi's children meet their father and a few new
friends and meet their common enemy: Man.

Breeze the Collie : (25 Novembre 2014)

A Fathers realization
The climax and resolution of the film, as told through the
eyes of the Great Prince.

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15 Décembre 2012
N'est pas actuellement sur le site
He is my hero!:icon60:

26 Novembre 2012
Usa Fille N'est pas actuellement sur le site
Though I agree that Bambi was cute as a fawn, I personally found him to rather flat and dull as an adult buck; I found Ronno to be a more exciting character in both films than Bambi was. But that's my opinion. Bambi's character in the book was far more interesting and relatable than in the films. I highly recommend the book to anyone who hasn't read it yet. It's very different from the movie and the characters have broader personalities.

26 Novembre 2012
Usa Fille N'est pas actuellement sur le site
Now I think Bambi is better than Ronno. Ronno is a dang bully or a big ball of crap.Bambi is cute and adorable.Faline should go with Bambi and she did

20 Janvier 2012
Fille N'est pas actuellement sur le site
il est trop trop chou est en plus cest un dynsey que je prefere.

13 Mai 2011
N'est pas actuellement sur le site
Bambi has changed a bit my childhood, it shows that we must fight for our dreams. (This shows up in the meadow where Bambi 2 Bambi tries to overcome Ronno and ends up getting.)

13 Mai 2011
usa Female N'est pas actuellement sur le site

07 Mai 2011
Usa N'est pas actuellement sur le site
Bambi ish one of mai fav movies :P

11 Avril 2011
Usa N'est pas actuellement sur le site
Insert Pack here
bambi! Oh he is my hero! -hugz- I NEW they'd make a source dedicated to him!!

10 Avril 2011
France Fille N'est pas actuellement sur le site
Welcome, foolish mortals...
Il est trop chou!


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