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Voice actor : Morgan Flahault

Main type : Official character

Realistic? : Realistic

Related to Bambi? : Is Bambi related

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Permission to use : Public

Animal/Human type : Stag

Gender : Female

Character details : Medium details

Main color : Brown


Detail Faline

Faline is a white tailed deer and the mate of Bambi.

She's a rather cheerful young fawn, the daughter of a friend of Bambi's mother. Once adult, she will become the mate of Bambi and she will give him two fawns, Geno and Gurri (names from the book).

In Bambi II, it's clear that she likes Bambi and he's sometimes embarassed around her. Another older fawn had noticed her, Ronno, but she doesn't like him, as he acts like a bully. At the end of the movie, she still has her patches, unlike Bambi and she and the Young Prince share a kiss, thanks also to the Porcupine and their friends.


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Last comments

January 02, 2013
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
Awaiting TS Modship
Also,Faline/Feline is voiced by Ann Gillis(Adult),and Cammie King(Young),was there a reason it was removed?

September 06, 2012
France Female Is currently on the site
Welcome, foolish mortals...
Dragon Tamer----: Because if the French Version, we spell her "Féline"

Lucas Moura Quaresma
April 29, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Faline é a melhor amiga de Bambi

April 26, 2011
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
No wonder people always spell it Feline. In English it's spelled Faline.

April 10, 2011
France Female Is currently on the site
Welcome, foolish mortals...
J'adore quand elle taquine Bambi!


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