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changed my name and Cant get a new password!

Date : March 09, 2008

Category : Animation Source site questions

Question :

I recently changed my user-name from Shebawolf1 to Sheba-dove (Wolf)

 When I try to get on to the site I get the log-in panel, I put my new name in and my last password.  Then it says the password is incorrect, I ask for a new password but I get this message:                                    

The e-mail/username information submitted could not be found.


The weird thing is though everything seems to work fine when I get onto the forum boards Via Topic notification i don't have to log in!

Pleas help




Best answer :

Okay, Sheba, I resetted your name to "ShebaWolf1" Try logging in. If
it doesn't work, just write another question.

This question has been solved.

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March 10, 2008
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Okay, Sheba, I resetted your name to "ShebaWolf1" Try logging in. If
it doesn't work, just write another question.



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