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Nome girl series

a girl, Kat, moves to nome deparessed that her golden retriver, kolie, died. when her new friend, amanda, shows her dog sledding shes hooked. when her dad buys her a dog sled dogs her life is better. here are the charaters..

cupungirl23 :

(Takes place in 1927)

looks:blond hair and brown eyes. always wearing her dogs old colar. (WIch is really thin leather and his name tag so i gess it looks like a chocker.)
history: lived in chicage with her golden retriver, kolie, but he got run over...


breed:siberian husky. strait from siberia!
looks: white. she had eyes like a wolf for no reason
position:lead dog

name: saba (baltos daughter)
Breed:alaskan husky
looks:light red and white.
position:wheel dog

breed:siberian husky.  gammas brother. kay-kay's mate
looks: choclate
position:swing dog

Breed:ainu dog (Look them up if you dont know)
Looks:light fawn
position:wheel dog

breed: beagle/wolf
Looks: body like a wolf colors like a beagle. and ears,tail, and eyes like a wolf.
position:team dog. (Right behind swing dog.)

Breed:siberian husky. mate of maldo
looks: same as saba
position:team dog (Right next to koda)

breed:alaskan husky
looks:black and white
position:swing dog

breed:australian koolie (Look them up.)
looks:white with red spots.
position:lead dog

(IF you dont get the position look them up)

other dogs:

breed:Minatrure Schnauzer
position: Kat's little pal

LOOKS: tan whit a big black spot on his back
position:kat's dad's bloodhound

looks: reddish and white.
position:kats familys sheep and cow dog.

other pointless charters:

amanda's dogs:

position: he chases after camo a another steele.

Position: garners mate. very kind.


Deadline for this project : December 30, 2008

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