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Hi, fellows of Animation Source, rather than anything I will introduce myself, my name is Alejandro, but you can call me Alex, sounds better, I really like the animation and his characters, I also really like the music and video games, technology, i also show much interest in television channels that I see most are of local news, pay TV channels I enjoy to see Unicable, where I see action series and one other program, enjoyed much Cartoon Network, even I liked when it emittes anime on his old Toonami block, (I speak of Latin America, these subsidiaries removed all anime by a dumb excuses and complaints from the parents staying and only predominating Pokemon) but since Cartoon Network changes completely his programming and Shows, I can not stay in the channel for 10 seconds because I do not tolerate and change of channel, now only see, his brothers channels Boomerang and Tooncast.

I like art and drawing, even I would draw my favorite characters.

I'm from Mexico and i live on

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Member since : 24 October 2016
My group :
Country : mexico Mexico
Age : 24 years (26 December 1992)
Gender : male Male

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January 04, 2017
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Thank you for the warm welcome on my page! c: I hope you're having a great day! :grincolonp:

December 26, 2016
Mexico Male Is not currently on the site
Very Thanks Karlamon :) :icon301:

December 26, 2016
Questions mod, Fan News Editor, Global M... Newzealand Male Is not currently on the site
Slack Pack
Happy Birthday! :P

October 27, 2016
Mexico Male Is not currently on the site
Angeflapy, Louve rousse Very thanks

October 26, 2016
France Female Is not currently on the site
Alvin and the Chipmunks & Total Drama
Welcome :)

October 26, 2016
usa Female Is not currently on the site


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