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á|Age: 22 | Gender: Female | Member since: 2007| Country: USA|

More like "what dat"? Because a lot of people on here are always using acronyms for everything, talking about things no one has ever heard of, or type things that simply don't make any sense.

This clip is totally me in various situations. lol

Follow me on Twitter if you so desire.

I'm from the state of Michigan, áwhere the weather can changeáevery five minutes, and where road construction is considered a season! Jokes aside, I do enjoy living here. Our summers are typically short (summer goes from about June to September) and hot. Our winters, depending on the year, can be quite cold.á


A bit random, but I will say that when it comes to a good ginger ale, Vernors is the only way to go in my opinion. I know that some places in the U.S. don't carry Vernors, but if you do happen to come across it, give it a go. I know a lot of people prefer Canada Dry over vernors, as Vernors is known for making people cough, and it has a cooling effect on your throat. Canada Dry is tame compared, which is why I don't care for it. It also isn't uncommon for fellow Michiganders to offer you Vernors when you have an upset stomach.á

I just want to throw this out there, but if you ever happen to see anyone talking about a "party store", please know that people outsideáof Michigan don't know what they're talking about. While it'sátrue that party stores do sell alcohol, that's not the store as a whole. A party store is nothing more than a convenienceástore. Believe me, I've been in party stores before.á

I can come off as a grouchy user at times, but I'm really notálike that. Anyone who knows me well enough canátell you that I'm a fun, loyal and kind person. I just don't respond well to annoyances or immaturity. I'm also not what you would call an extrovert, so I don't warm up to people as quickly as some others do.


The Staff

Staff position: Global site Builder

If you see any information that needs updating or correcting, please send me a private message. I just ask that you only send me messages about site building. I'm not a moderator (but I used to be some years back), so I can't help you if you're having a problem with another user, a submission, etc. Please send those types of questions to the staff.


The Pets

I've had a handful of pets over the years (birds, rabbits dogs, a cat, and a mouse), but I'll just stick to the main three. I'll start off with my first dog.


Lila, a beagle mix, was my first dog. I don't know how old she was when my parents adopted her back in 2003, but she was at least six months to a year. She was a friendly happy, and a generally quiet girl. My mother had to teach her how to bark! However, when she was eleven years of age, her health began to deteriorate quickly. She had a heart murmur for several years, though it was at that time she was beginning to have noticeable problems with it. Her heart had become enlarged, which was pressing on her trachea, causing her to cough and gag. It came to a point, a year later, where the cough was constant. Unfortunately, on June 18th, 2015, she was to be put to sleep.



I adopted Melvin on 9/11/12. I was a volunteer at my local Humane Society (just to make it clear, I support animal welfare, not animal rights) at the time, and I was looking for a cat to adopt, as I was planning on moving out at the time. My mother told me to let the cat choose me, whicháI did. Of all the cats in the shelter, it was Melvin who interacted with meáthe most. The other cats could care less.áI don't know much about his past, but I do believe he was a surrender; his adoption papers mention that he was born on August 15th, 2011. He's a good boy, but he can be annoying at times. He also, like a lot of cats, like to spend time outside.á




Lucy is a young Australian Shepherd that my parents adopted back in 2015. I don't know much about her past, but what I do know is she was found running in a rural area in Ohio for about two or three months. After she was caught she spent time in shelters, then a foster or two. At one point in time she was attacked by a Golden Retriever, so that one incident caused her to not be fond of other dogs.áBesides that, and sometimes going after the cat, she's a good girl. I've taught her how to give both of her paws, and now I'm working on getting her to "cross" her paws on command. Perhaps I'll post some pictures of these tricks once she learns "cross". I know I will also be teaching her other tricks as well.á



Suomi, which is Finnish for Finland, is a male Vieltail Betta fish. I have him setup in a ten gallon tank (never keep a Betta in a bowl, cup. or a tank less than two gallons!), which he enjoys.á

This is the first fish thank that I've ever had, and I'm enjoying it so far. While some people think fish are boring, they do make for nice pets, as they're relaxing to watch, nor do they make noise.á



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Member since : 20 April 2007
My group : M-awesome
Country : usa Usa
Age : 22 years (8 June 1994)
Gender : female Female
Characters : Paz

Articles : The White Wolf is NOT Aniu

Last comments

September 13, 2016
Articles mod Finland Female Is not currently on the site
Rock Soldiers.
Why thank you. :icon302: I needed to get something off my chest, rofl.

August 01, 2016
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
O' Cap'n My Cap'n!
One starts out chillin', holding onto one's coffee...then one imbibes. :icon302:

Of course, for me, imbibing coffee doesn't get me ramped, it actually calms me down. XD If I don't drink coffee for more than a few hours or so, I get a withdrawal headache. A bad one.

August 01, 2016
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
O' Cap'n My Cap'n!
I saw it. Ironically, it's a glitch I like, and can live with. Looks kinda cool. lol

August 01, 2016
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
O' Cap'n My Cap'n!
By the by...since you loved the Coyote Peterson video on the pine marten so much, I found three more pine marten videos which should make you fall totally in love with the species. :icon300:

(But you know how it is on AS...you'll have to highlight each separately, right-click, and "open in new window" or some such thing...)




August 01, 2016
usa Female Is not currently on the site

August 01, 2016
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
O' Cap'n My Cap'n!
Oh I would totally. lol In a heartbeat.

Love the new avatar, by the by. Kudos to Wild for another success!


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