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Official Balto 3 : Wings of Change characters

Balto characters

Balto is the main character of the series. Being half wolf, he is the laughing stock of Nome. Courageous and generous, however, he managed to overcome the prejudices of and defeat his rival Steele to realize his dreams and save children with diphtheria.


By NattiKat8, this is her character reference sheet!


Voice actor : Kevin Bacon, Maurice LaMarche (VO)

Kodi is one Balto and Jenna's puppies. He is a dedicated member of the mail team in Nome. Eager to learn and grow, he sees Balto as not only a father figure, but also a hero and role model.

Voice actor : Sean Astin

Boris is the adoptive father of Balto. Anxious and protective, he will be a valuable assistance during difficult times. First, the goose refuses to accompany Balto through his quest, until he sees the health condition of the little Rosie through the window of the hospital room. Originally from Russia, the reasons for his arrival in Nome, however, are unknown. He eventually meets Stella, a goose at least unusual, that will melt her heart ...

Voice actor : Bob Hoskins, Charles Fleischer

Muk is Luk's brother. Fearful but with a big heart, he will not hesitate to help his friends Boris and Balto if needed.

Voice actor : Phil Collins, Kevin Schon

Luk is the elder brother of Muk. Being silent, he is unable to speak and therefore needs his brother to translate his intentions. Big, sensitive and with soft heart, he will not hesitate to assist Boris and Balto if needed.

Voice actor : Phil Collins, Kevin Schon

Dusty is the only female dog in Nome mail team. With a good sense of humor and irony, she knows how to ease other quickly or participate in jokes initiated by others. She is the first one to go after Kodi when he wants to help his father.

Voice actor : Charity James (VO)

Ralph is a member of the dog team responsible for returning the mail to the post of Nome. He likes to make jokes and make excuses when the team is late for mail delivery.

Voice actor : Bill Fagerbakke

Dipsy lives in a local food store in the city with her owner. Very greedy, she has a nasty habit of devouring anything that can get, although she prefers the food of the highest quality. Is probably the best friend Mel and knows Jenna. Taking to heart the debate Dogs VS Airplane, she will try to dig up as much information as possible, transmitting the alert dogs or listening in the boiler room.

Voice actor : Kathy Najimy (VO)

Stella is a character who was introduced in the third movie. Unglazed and brimming with confidence, she will find Boris very attractive. Eager to fly with Boris, she will do everything in her power, time and energy to convince and care the so-called pain by the side of her companion.

Voice actor : Jean Smart

Duke is the pilot of the plane who offered his services to the town of Nome and the race to compare which of the two mail transport is the fastest: Dogsledding or plane. He also seems to appreciate Balto, as he is interested in his plane. When Duke will crash into the woods during the race, it will be our dog-wolf to came to his rescue.

Some time later, he decided to name his new airplane: ''The Balto Flyer''

Voice actor : Keith Carradine (VO)

Mel is a post office dog and a good friend of Dipsy. He has an unfortunate habit of drawing conclusions on most new circurlant in Nome, causing him violent headaches.

Voice actor : David Paymer

Jenna is a gorgeous female Siberian Husky. She is very popular in Nome, mainly for her beauty. She was constantly courted by the champion of the city - Steele, however, she always rejcted his advances. Her friends, Dixie and Sylvie have difficulty understanding her. Moreover, against all expectations, she befriends Balto and develops more feelings towards him as and she discovers his values ​​and generosity.

Voice actor : Bridget Fonda, Jodi Benson

Kirby is a member of the dog team responsible for returning the mail to the post of Nome. Somewhat vain, he boasts of being a fast dog.

Voice actor : Carl Warthers

Mr. Conner is the postmaster in Nome and the boss of mr. Simpson. He announces the race between the dog sled and the plane.

He is also an owner of Mel.

Voice actor : Bill Fagerbakke

Mr. Simpson is the musher of Nome's mail team. His job was in danger because of Duke and his plane so with Balto's help mr. Simpson and his team had to win the race aganst the plane to keep their jobs.

He also appears to be an owner of Kodi and the trio.

Voice actor : Kevin Schon

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