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Official Balto 2 : Wolf Quest characters

Balto characters

Steele is a Siberian Husky with a notable experience as a sled dog. Champion of the city, and a horrible liar, he hates Balto at the highest point because he is a half-wolf and also by competition to Jenna - who is indifferent to his many advances.

Wearing cheating and dominance to capture the attention of other dogs and so increase and retain his title and his popularity in the city, he will do everything in its power to make life hell for Balto, quite to abandon all his responsibilities related to the diphtheria epidemic.

Voice actor : Jim Cummings

Kodi is one Balto and Jenna's puppies. He is a dedicated member of the mail team in Nome. Eager to learn and grow, he sees Balto as not only a father figure, but also a hero and role model.

Voice actor : Sean Astin

Boris is the adoptive father of Balto. Anxious and protective, he will be a valuable assistance during difficult times. First, the goose refuses to accompany Balto through his quest, until he sees the health condition of the little Rosie through the window of the hospital room. Originally from Russia, the reasons for his arrival in Nome, however, are unknown. He eventually meets Stella, a goose at least unusual, that will melt her heart ...

Voice actor : Bob Hoskins, Charles Fleischer

Dixie is one of Jenna's friends. She is first seen showing her new collar to everyone. Like most dogs of the city she is in love with Steele and she doesn't understand why Jenna does not like him. Sooner or later, she will eventually understand...

Voice actor : Sandra Dickinson

Muk is Luk's brother. Fearful but with a big heart, he will not hesitate to help his friends Boris and Balto if needed.

Voice actor : Phil Collins, Kevin Schon

Luk is the elder brother of Muk. Being silent, he is unable to speak and therefore needs his brother to translate his intentions. Big, sensitive and with soft heart, he will not hesitate to assist Boris and Balto if needed.

Voice actor : Phil Collins, Kevin Schon

Star is the most eccentric dog from Steele's trio. Having problems with self-confidence, he is often ashamed to express his ideas in threats of pawing from Kaltag. Nevertheless, he will be the first to recognize the potential of Balto.

Voice actor : Robbie Rist

Nikki is a member of Steele's henchmen trio. He seems to have blood Chow Chow (blue tongue several times in the film). He would happily make fun of Balto until he lost the hitch is a blizard.

Voice actor : Jack Angel

Kaltag is a member of Steele's henchmen trio. He is particularly good at describing situations or people with as much synonyms as possible. Taking pleasure in mocking Star, he often gives him blows on the head. Kaltag eventually learn to respect his friend and will be inclined to encourage him.

Voice actor : Danny Mann (VO)

Rosie is the little mistress Jenna. Attending the race at the beginning of the first film, her hat was blown away and returned by Balto.
Some time later, she is diagnosed with diphtheria and her condition worsens to the point where she must now stay in bed to keep the little energy she has left. Slead team returning to the city with medicined is her only hope.


Voice actor : Juliette Brewer

Dusty is the only female dog in Nome mail team. With a good sense of humor and irony, she knows how to ease other quickly or participate in jokes initiated by others. She is the first one to go after Kodi when he wants to help his father.

Voice actor : Charity James (VO)

Niju is a member of Nava's pack. Often against the decisions of its alpha, he addresses a rebellious and defiant attitude. Aspiring for the leader of the clan, he will do everything possible to prove Nava wrong. He also ordered his three henchmen Summac, Nuk and Yak to attack Balto and Aleu when they arrived on their territory but eventually lose their support. At the end Niju refuses to leave the land.

Voice actor : Mark Hamill

Daughter of Balto and Jenna, Aleu was born out of a litter of six puppies. Taking traits from a wolf, she looks more like a one. Like her father before her, she will be brought to face the harsh judgment from being part wolf. She remained with her parents until adulthood. Balto has hidden the truth about her origins, and Balto eventually is forced to confess to her. Rebellious and full of rage, Aleu ran away to attempt to discover the wild side of herself. She finds a wolf pack and eventually decides to stay and lead the group.

Voice actor : Lacey Chabert (VO)

Unfortunately we know little surrounding this character. It could be Balto's mother. Balto was separated from her at an early age. In the second movie, she often manifests around Balto and seems to have mythical and prophetic abilities. It is suggested she is Balto's spirit guide, and appearing to him throughout the movie as different animals. Muru the mouse, the Raven, the fox, several wolverines, and three bears. These help guide him and Aleu through their journey.

Due to conflicting opinions, this character is separate from the White wolf from the first movie. 

Voice actor : Monnae Michaell (VO)

Muru is a mouse who asks existential questions in a cave repressing crystals. At his meeting with Aleu, he gives her ways to discover who she is and teach her to develop her personal confidence through a song ...

Muru is one of many materialisations of Aniu in the film (Raven Vixen, three wolverines, bears) - all disappearing through a mist net.

Voice actor : Peter MacNicol

Nava is the wise leader of the pack of wolves present in the second film. Having met Aniu through his ​​dreams, he will know what to do. It also requires the presence of Balto and his daughter in the pack who now needs a new leader to guide them across the ocean on a bridge of ice that is formed once a year. Sometimes having trouble getting along with Niju, he refuses to leave the power on the grounds that only a leader worthy of the name could take his place. He demonstrates his magic abilities in the movie.

Voice actor : David Carradine

Ralph is a member of the dog team responsible for returning the mail to the post of Nome. He likes to make jokes and make excuses when the team is late for mail delivery.

Voice actor : Bill Fagerbakke

Dipsy lives in a local food store in the city with her owner. Very greedy, she has a nasty habit of devouring anything that can get, although she prefers the food of the highest quality. Is probably the best friend Mel and knows Jenna. Taking to heart the debate Dogs VS Airplane, she will try to dig up as much information as possible, transmitting the alert dogs or listening in the boiler room.

Voice actor : Kathy Najimy (VO)

Stella is a character who was introduced in the third movie. Unglazed and brimming with confidence, she will find Boris very attractive. Eager to fly with Boris, she will do everything in her power, time and energy to convince and care the so-called pain by the side of her companion.

Voice actor : Jean Smart

Duke is the pilot of the plane who offered his services to the town of Nome and the race to compare which of the two mail transport is the fastest: Dogsledding or plane. He also seems to appreciate Balto, as he is interested in his plane. When Duke will crash into the woods during the race, it will be our dog-wolf to came to his rescue.

Some time later, he decided to name his new airplane: ''The Balto Flyer''

Voice actor : Keith Carradine (VO)

Mel is a post office dog and a good friend of Dipsy. He has an unfortunate habit of drawing conclusions on most new circurlant in Nome, causing him violent headaches.

Voice actor : David Paymer

Balto is the main character of the series. Being half wolf, he is the laughing stock of Nome. Courageous and generous, however, he managed to overcome the prejudices of and defeat his rival Steele to realize his dreams and save children with diphtheria.


By NattiKat8, this is her character reference sheet!


Voice actor : Kevin Bacon, Maurice LaMarche (VO)

Jenna is a gorgeous female Siberian Husky. She is very popular in Nome, mainly for her beauty. She was constantly courted by the champion of the city - Steele, however, she always rejcted his advances. Her friends, Dixie and Sylvie have difficulty understanding her. Moreover, against all expectations, she befriends Balto and develops more feelings towards him as and she discovers his values ​​and generosity.

Voice actor : Bridget Fonda, Jodi Benson

The White Wolf appears in the first film when Balto falls down the ravine. The wolf then howls towards Balto, then noticing that he seems to ignore it, the wolf turns away and disappears in the storm, leaving its footprints in the snow. Balto eventually accepts its origins, noting the accuracy of their pawprints. He performs a mighty howl and is soon be accompanied by the White Wolf.

It is confirmed by the Director of the movie that the White Wolf is Balto's mother - Aniu, but we prefer to keep two separate pages on the site to suit everyone's interests.

Voice actor : -

Kirby is a member of the dog team responsible for returning the mail to the post of Nome. Somewhat vain, he boasts of being a fast dog.

Voice actor : Carl Warthers

Nuk is also part of Niju's gang. Very impressive but also very greedy, he often thinks about eating. This is also the reason why he decides to leave Niju and follow the clan during their trip. It helped Aleu to back on the ice shelf.

Voice actor : Joe Alaskey

Yak is a part of the Niju's gang. He is constantly scratching because of fleas. Lazy, he takes his time when it is time to execute orders controlled by Niju.

Voice actor : Jeff Bennett

Summac is one of the Niju's allies. Little is known about him, except that he likes to repeat what has already was said by others and sometimes speak for no apparent reason.

Voice actor : Rob Paulsen

Sylvie is one of Jenna's friends. Perhaps the least talkative of the trio, however, she tries spying on Jenna, revealing that she has spent a night in the boiler room with Balto.

Voice actor : Sandra Dickinson

Terrier is a small dog who announced to Balto Jenna had given birth to his puppies. Very little is known about him except that he is very energetic!

Voice actor : Rob Paulsen (VO)

Morse is a small english bulldog, spending his days in his basket inside the telegraph office. He came to learn the Morse code so he is, with barking, passing the latest news to other dogs in town.

Voice actor : Big Al

Doc, who appears to be a st bernard, doesn't appear a whole lot in the movie, tells the latest news in the boiler room to the other dogs.

He is seen as a cameo in the third movie, fishing with his owner.

Voice actor : Donald Sinden

Name: Saba 

Age: 2

Breed: 3/4 Husky 1/4 Wolf

Parents: Balto and Jenna



Pups: None yet 

Siblings: Aleu, Kodi, Dingo,Kiona,

Likes: Balto, Jenna, her brothers and sisters,sun,sea,pups,playing around ft friends n family 

Hates: Steele, cocky boys, Stuck up girls

Fears: Loosing loved ones, illness, Death

Personality: She can be shy, but when she wants to can also be very confident. She is very girly but not slaggy or stuck up. She is very sweet when it comes to love but the downside to her is that when she likes someone she lets it take over and dosent notice the bad things about them, which then lead to her getting hurt. She really wants to settle down and have pups but hasnt found the right mate.

History: She is the blue eyed pup that asks balto if he is getting a human too. She looks a lot like jenna but has different shades of red and white/cream. A little girl name Grace adopts her. Grace takes Saba everywhere with her, she is very close to her. Grace often takes saba to watch the races but saba isnt very interested as the lead dogs are very cocky. She often visits her parents and brothers and sisters (except Aleu) When she can. She wanted to be a mail delivery dog but kodi got the job instead as he is stronger. Saba often baby sits pups as she loves them, hence why she wants some of her own.


how she is related to balto: she is one of his daughter  

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