Balto Source newsJuly 14, 2005
Little update

Written by steet :

 This is just a little update this time. The main thing that changed since the last update, is the forum design. Probably everyone is already aware of this change, but with all the work that me and GamesOfLight put into this, it's still worth mentioning. So far, no one returned to the old design, so I guess everyone like it ;)
The poll was changed twice since the last update. There is a new article on the site, on the Cleveland Museum Exhibit of the true Balto. There is a new fanfic from Lone Wolf.
You'll find two or three new sites in the links section. Finally, AJ sent me a nice award for the site, that you can see in the Contact section.
Again, I made this update today because I'm about to leave and will only be back in a week or a little more. If there's a problem, you can ask the moderators. Take care of the site!

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August 01, 2005
Is not currently on the site
:/ whats this all about :/ i dont kno:/

July 29, 2005
Is not currently on the site
:o :( wertyu

July 25, 2005
Is not currently on the site
ilike it!;)

July 25, 2005
Is not currently on the site
ilike it!;)

July 25, 2005
usa Female Is not currently on the site

July 15, 2005
Is not currently on the site
Have a good time on your trip. :) nice updates too btw. :P

July 15, 2005
Is not currently on the site
great layout and have fun on your trip

Catadventure - T.H.E
ture -
July 14, 2005
Is not currently on the site
great layout! :P take care!

Lone Wolf
July 14, 2005
Is not currently on the site
Nice job as always, Steet! Thanks for putting up my new fanfic! Hope y'all like it!

saltash wolf
July 14, 2005
Is not currently on the site
i'm here for ya'll (i'm a mod)lol

July 14, 2005
Is not currently on the site
when will the fanart be done?

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