Lion King Source newsAugust 16, 2009
*Important! fan characters(Please read!)*

Written by Mightybalto1925 :

 This is important! If you have a character on the characters page, read this!

As of August 14th, you characters must be featured in your Fanart/fanimage/fanfiction gallery. You have one week to do this. The deadline is, August 21 at 12:00PM.(Noon.) Any character that isn't featured will be against the rules, and will be deactivated.

You must the minimum information in your desription:


Please be aware of the character rules.
The link can be found .

**Note on the renders!**
Renders must be your own work or have permission to edit another render aslong as proper credit is given.

For render tutorials:

-One character per page:
Only one character per page. If you have more than one, make a new page for each.

-Only headshots for icons:
Please only use a headshot for the icons. If you don't know how to crop, ask a friend or a moderator.

-Icons and body image:
They must be neatly done and colored. Be creative with your work.

-No unessary names:
No unnesary symbols. However, useing symbols such as *name* is okay. More that two is not allowed.

Please be aware of the site rules and fan art rules.

For more information:

Feel free to ask questions.

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