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Animation Source newsNovember 01, 2011
1st Annual Animation Source Choice Awards - Rules

Written by Skulblaka_Shur'tugal :


The time has come for the first big event of the Animation Source Choice Awards to go underway! Today I announce to you...(drumroll, please?)...the official rules for the 1st Annual Animation Source Choice Awards!

To download a PDF copy of the rules, click here.

The rules are fairly simple, detailing what films are eligible for which categories, and how voting will take place. You can read it all yourself, but I will give you the overview this way:

  • The categories are: "Best Picture", "Best Director", "Best Screenplay", "Best Voice Actor", "Best Voice Actress", "Best Sequel", "Best Animation", "Film Most Likely to Receive a Sequel", "Best Score", "Best Song", "Fan Favorite", "Favorite Character (Male)", "Favorite Character (Female)", "Best Animated Video Game", "Best Animated TV Series", "Best Non-Theatrical Film", "Best Foreign-Release Film", and a Special Recognition Award. In total, there are 18 categories.
  • The rules state which films are eligible for each category.
  • When it comes time to vote, only Animation Source members can vote, and only once per category; however, they do not have to vote for every category at once.
  • The judge (in this case, me) cannot vote in the awards.
  • The only method of voting is through PM, no email, no shoutbox messages, etc.
  • Key dates are given, though these have already been announced.

The official rules can be read on Animation Source by viewing this webpage.

In addition to this, the official website for the ASCA's has been updated, courtesy of Conay. This includes information on what movies will eventually appear on the list, and will eventually update with a blog. And one final thing is that the ASCA's have a Facebook page and a YouTube page now, where updates and videos will be posted on a regular basis. So go and check it all out!

Be sure to check back on December 1 for a special video preview of the Animation Source Choice Awards!

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