Animation Source newsDecember 01, 2011
1st Animation Source Choice Awards - Video & Help

Written by Skulblaka_Shur'tugal :


Today marks the final key date of the 1st Annual Animation Source Choice Awards before voting begins. Today I have gone over the animated films that were released in 2011, and prepared it to be released on January 1. I handed it off to Conay, host of the official ASCA website. With this, there's exactly one month before the ASCAs officially begin!

To help commemorate this event, I have prepared a video to help promote the awards show, while hopefully helping you, the members of Animation Source, gain a better understanding of what the ASCAs are all about.

Hope you enjoy the video! And on the subject of videos, I am in need of help making promotional videos for the ASCAs. (Full story hereRead that article first! If you are interested in helping, and have good video editing experience as well as free time, PM me and I'll see if you can get involved.

On top of that, I am also in need of volunteers to help make banners for the ASCAs. Our official one, done by TwistedFate, can be seen below.

If you want to make one, simply go ahead and PM it to me! I guarantee it will appear somewhere, whether in a video or in the ASCA section of the hub! 

Further information on the Animation Source Choice Awards can be found here. Remember to check back on January 1 to view the list of films that you can vote for, and begin voting then! Until then, see you!

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December 11, 2011
Usa Is not currently on the site
I loved Car's 2.

December 08, 2011
Site builder (info), Site builder (graph... Usa Male Is not currently on the site
Poke Tuber/ Mod
The nominees won't happen until January, so it will have to wait a few weeks.

December 08, 2011
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
Wait! I wanted to nominate a song for the "Best Song" award!

December 06, 2011
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
Talent Over Image
2011 was a phenomenal year for animations! For once I chose the best for the whole year and have a difficult time deciding.

Rio and Tintin were my favorites, no question. Puss In Boots, and Happy Feet 2 would probally be my other choices, but all of them were suprisingly very well done, and so many in one year! :cool:

December 04, 2011
France Female Is not currently on the site
Hiccup is mine, do not touch him or I get out my ax!
i love puss in boots

December 02, 2011
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
I'm not a wolf. Kthxbai.
The link on the "full story here" leads to a page saying 'Account Suspended'.

December 02, 2011
usa Female Is not currently on the site

December 02, 2011
Site builder (info), Site builder (graph... Usa Male Is not currently on the site
Poke Tuber/ Mod
Imagine-->Sorry, I fixed it. And that is something to look forward to!

December 01, 2011
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Who knocks at the garden gate?
Waiiiiitt. I didn't do that But I would like to volunteer to make some banners. I'll PM too.

But really cool video and I'll be sure to vote!

December 01, 2011
Uk Is not currently on the site
Wow!! This is gonna be great! I wouldn't know what to pick, I haven't seen most of them yet!:P

December 01, 2011
Is not currently on the site
I vote Puss In Boots!

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