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Created by : Animorphs#1

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Related to Balto? : Is Balto related

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Animal/Human type : Wolfdog

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : White


Detail Desoto

Lines (c) Spotted Shadow

Name: Desoto

Name meaning: ----

Nnicknames: Soto

Age: 2

Breed: Akita and Husky mix

Parents: Steele (c) Universal and an unknown female

Siblings: Emilio (c) Demeter., Raphael (c) DagtheCoyote, and two others

Mate: Jasmina (c) Minifashiion

Crush: Jasmina (c) Minifashiion

Crush(ers): PM me

Pups: Elaine, Pamela (c) Minifashiion Tomio, and Lucifer (c) Me

Personality: Desoto, though he is blind, could be compared to a stone wall. He's strong, cold, secretive, and won't open up to anyone easily. He's determinded to get what he wants, but is is very impatient. He's known amongst his friends and family as hot-headed and can sometimes take after his father in the glory-houd, and cold-hearted department. He's a catch, but won't fall for girls easily. Underneath his hard exterior, he's very kind, but it'll take a while. He has many layers.

Likes: Sledding, food, spending time with his family, living up to his father's fame, Jasmina, being in charge

Dislikes: Kiss-ups, some humans, his blindness, bears, how talented his brother (Emilio) became

History: Desoto was the first born of his litter and was taken to be trained by Steele only months after. Because he'd spend so much time with his father, he'd begin to act like him. Either way, he made his dad proud, but he felt as if his brother (see dislikes above) had more potential than him. Throguh his growing hatred, he'd push himself to teh limits, steadily gaining a place on a sled team as wheel dog, then lead dog. On a treck from Nome to Nenana and back, his team was attacked by a black bear. He managed to fight the bear off, but became blind. The scars healed, but he never regained his sight; his musher became depressed abotu losing one of his best dogs, but Desoto wouldn't stand for being kicked off the team. The musher decided to keep him, making him a wheel dog, but Desoto can feel that there's a hint of disapiontment in Steele that can never be replaced.

Eventually, his anger got the best of him and in a blind rage, he killed the lead dog in a fight to the death. Wounded and frustrated, Soto was kicked off of the team and spent most of his time in the forest, just waiting for death to find him. If he couldn't see how could he fend for himself.

On a chilly afternoon, he had bumped into a wolf. She introduced herself as Jasmina, but Desoto didn't really wish to speak with anyone for fear he might hurt another innocent being. She insisted on helping him and after a while of persuasion, he finalyl agreed to go with her, unbeknownst that he would grow feelings for her. Later she told him of her feelings for him; Desoto was shocked that someone could love anyone like him, but he returned the feelings and they become mates aftwerward.

Fanfic: The Blind Side (coming soon)

Voice: -


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