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Nikki, Kaltag,Star and Nuk, Yak, and Sumac

Nikki, Kaltag,Star and Nuk, Yak, and Sumac

So many rumor about Steele and Niju. Are these dogs and wolves the same thing


1. They're all boys and are always seen together!

2. Nikki, Kaltag, and Star are often times seen bullying Balto, but they do it because Steele wants them to. Nuk, Yak, and Sumac attacked Balto and Aleu because Niju made them.

3. By the end of both movies, they all liked Balto instead of teasing him.




1. Nuk, Yak, and Sumac are wolves, Niki, Kaltag, and Star are dogs.

2. The dogs only appear in the first Balto movie, and the wolves only appear in Balto 2

3. The dogs are part of Steele's team, and the wolves are in a pack.



People often times think Steele and Niju are the same, so maybe the same thing can be said for the others. I personally think Nikki and Nuk are the same, along with Yak, Kaltag, Sumac and Star. Why do I believe that? We often times see Kaltag hitting Star on the top of his head. In Balto II, Yak and Sumac get into a fight.




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October 02, 2013
Thumbs.db Male Is not currently on the site
Yak is mine favorite character !
Yak is blue (favorite color).


December 19, 2010
Is not currently on the site
i agree with ya, yak, sumac seem more annoying then kaltag and star and nikki and nuk are like eachother only one more wolfy

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