Are Aniu and the White Wolf the same wolf?

Are the White Wolves from both films the same?

Demon-BP :

Many have been debating over the question: is the white wolf and Aniu the same wolf?. Through searching the internet, I came across some helpful and official information.

On the site which I found, it clearly stated that 'Aniu first appeared in Balto, serving to remind him of his wolf heritage after he had fallen down a cliff and given up all hope. She remained nameless and unidentified until Balto II: Wolf Quest, and there remains some dispute as to whether the great white wolf in the first movie was indeed Aniu, although it is generally believed that she is.'

More info was then released that the White Wolf was intented to be Aniu who wanted to guide her son to her grandaughter, Alue, who wanted to find her place in life, which was soon shown to be the new leader of the wolf pack in Balto II.

When people try to explain the similarities and differences, remember that Balto and Balto II had different animators so even if they tried their best they couldn't get Aniu to look the same in both films. Although they do have some similarities.


  White Wolf


Thanks for reading! I hope I got my point across.


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Last comments

July 04, 2009
Usa Is not currently on the site
No weapon can sever the soul from me
Yup. No doubt about it: the two are the same. Otherwise, showing the raven as Aniu would have been pointless.:p

July 22, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
I've always believed that the white wolf and Aniu are the same and
thats his mother. Where else did they get the idea of Anui? Its the
White wolf. The White wolf is a spirit only balto and alue(aparently
alue) can see. Aniu is the white wolf. Balto howled in the first movie
to the white wolf. The white wolf only appeared to literally tell
Balto to remember who you are and not to give up. Aniu and the white
wolf are spirits that only balto and alue can see. Because its Balto's

May 10, 2008
Is not currently on the site
i think thay were trying to get a reason to keep her and not the
others because she got more of the wolfin her see balto is wolf husky
jenne is a husky so more husky still yet looks more wolf?"Balto she
looks more wolf than you"

May 10, 2008
usa Female Is not currently on the site

April 05, 2008
Is not currently on the site
yes aniu and the white wolf the same

March 27, 2008
Canada Is not currently on the site
I am a big fan thats the reason I joined well thats the reason most
of us joined.well we don't no if every body nos about Balto so speread
the news!

March 01, 2008
Uk Female Is not currently on the site
we now have the proof, but i will always think they're different.
BUT!!! WQ was made a few years after the original, so they might have
changed their ideas to make them the "same" charecter. Besides, they
couldn't have made a whole background of a white wolf in a film that
it only appeared once in. You even say they changed it in the making of Balto 2 so I rest my unchangable case.

November 28, 2007
Uk Female Is not currently on the site
Well I alwas thought before even watching Balto 2 that "The
whitewolf/Aniu) was Balto's mother and then when I watched
Balto 2 I just knew it had to be the same wolf. So my guess
is that yes, they are the same, but of course I don't know

November 24, 2007
Philippines Female Is not currently on the site
Hmm....The eyes are da same colour but they don't look da
same but I agree dat they r the same wolf.

August 19, 2007
Is not currently on the site
I agree that Aniu is indeed the same white wolf from the
first Balto movie. Aniu, in the first movie, wanted to help
and guide her son, so it would only be reasonable that she
would do the same in the second movie whilst he was lost.
The difference of the wolves is most likely just the fact
that they were made by different animators, who could never
in a million years make a complete replica of the same wolf.
Artists have different visions in their heads, and it is
impossible to simply MAKE an image into reality, it has to
be felt.

August 09, 2007
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
i do believe they are the same

August 02, 2007
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
hmm...i never thought about this, i'll be looking into it
for everyone! sry everyone...some of my comments sound
rude(not on here, other topics)but i guess i think i know so
much about this kind of stuff i want u all to know my
opinion and wat i think so im gonna post an article soon...

August 01, 2007
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
You bet, there the same!

July 30, 2007
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
i disagree....cuz i mean even though the white wolf is
supposed to be spirity it just doesnt seem likely to me that
they are the same

July 24, 2007
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
i've always thought that aniu and the white wolf were the
same... you just kinda get a feeling that they are. i mean,
why else would the white wolf appear in balto one if they
weren't related?

July 21, 2007
Denmark Female Is not currently on the site
cause.. Look at the eyes.. One of it is black around and the
other is white..

July 21, 2007
Denmark Female Is not currently on the site
No.. I dont think so..

July 18, 2007
Is not currently on the site
Wow, that makes complete and absolute sence. Good research,
and great article

July 10, 2007
Australia Female Is not currently on the site
YES! They are, and it's baltos mother too..haven;t you
noticed how he talks about a pure white wolf mother?

June 25, 2007
Is not currently on the site
You know, the older animator and the new animator probaly
had different thoughts on what a wolf should look like.
Another promblem was probally that Alue HAD to look like
Balto, but also like the wild wolves. They couldn't make
Alue really furry. Another thing I noticed is that the wind
was blowing hard. Aniu has a lot more fur than Balto, and
her fur was going against the wind. So mabey it was blowing
up, just like the huskies on Steeles sled team. Anyway,
super artical. Very informative. But I do have a question,
Why on earth does every artical on this have the same
picture of the white wolf and Aniu? I maen really.

June 21, 2007
Is not currently on the site
Animators released information that the white wolf was Aniu
but they only decided this during the making of Balto 2. So
originally they weren't going to be the same but they made

June 20, 2007
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
good job Tibb! I saw that also. So yeah, good attempt
Cobalt, but, Tibbs went to the source and found out the
answer to this never ending question. But good article and
good job to you too Tibb_wolf.

June 19, 2007
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
I've always wondered who Aniu was!!! Nice artical!

June 18, 2007
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
yay for Tibb. Even though she's aaaalll the way down here,
I was just about to say that and I saw it when I scrolled
down. XD

June 16, 2007
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
I'm not a wolf. Kthxbai.

If you
people actually would read that, you would see that Demon
was in fact, wrong. Fluke e-mailed someone that worked on
the movie itself. He said that the wolf in Balto one is not
Balto's mother, but just a wolf to symbolize his wolf side.
Case closed.

June 14, 2007
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Yes, there the same wolf. But in Balto 2 they couldnt draw
the white wolf because there BAD ANIMATORS!!!

June 13, 2007
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
I agree with you Demon

June 11, 2007
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
yes they are the same wolf if you go on a diff website in
google they said that they are the same wolf, they just
restyled them

June 11, 2007
Is not currently on the site
I remember this thing...why people in BS always talk about
the same topics?
I'm not sure if they are same or
not,but I mostly think they are different.Why people believe
they are same?People have no real proof.

June 09, 2007
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
hmm. that does make alot of sense. very good job identifying
this information. I would have never thought of there being
a different animator. Great job!

June 07, 2007
Is not currently on the site
calm down, Funky dog 63. there are a lot of reasons why
people would think they are not the same wolf. for me, when
I watch WQ for the 1st time I had NO IDEA that they are
meant to be the same wolf.

1st , when Balto
tells Aleu that his mother was as white as snow, he acts
like he haven't seen her since Boris took him in. if they
were meant to be the same wolf. Balto should have said
something to the white wolf in B1 at the cliff. like,
"mother? Is that you?" or something. but all he did was howl
with him/her. ( at that time we didn't know his/her gender,
right? )

that's only 1 of my reasons why I
think they're not the same. not to mention the different
physical look.

but it was confirmed by the
sequel's animators that they are meant to be the same wolf.
although I really REALLY don't like the idea, I accept it.

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