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Balto is an animated film, released in 1995 and produced by the Universal / Amblimation studios.

BaltoThe film follows such films as An American Tail or Land Before Time from the same studio, which share common points with the Disney animated films, and were released during the golden age of traditional western animation.

The story of Balto deals with wolves and dog sledding, and is based on true facts that happened in 1925 in Nome, Alaska, where diphteria, a fatal disease, occured.
Finish line
Two low-budget sequels to Balto have been released to date, being direct-to-video sequels unlike the original.

This site aims to give the growing Balto fan community everything to share their passion!

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Animation Source newsJuly 25, 2015
Land Before Time is coming on Bluray


Amazon has just started listing a "The Land Before Time" (Blu-ray + DIGITAL HD).

Land Before Time bluray

It's also on, so we can think this is official! So, Land Before Time is finally coming up in high definition Bluray on October 13, 2015.

Does this mean a Balto bluray may finally come up, next? Who knows!


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Animation Source newsJuly 20, 2015
Simon Wells will answer your questions!


For the few among you who don't know him, Simon Wells directed the first Balto film! So he should know a lot about it.

Simon Wells interview

Karlamon was able to reach him, and he offered to reply to your questions!

For that occasion, I've created a dedicated page on the site, which you'll find here :

Please send your questions there, before Saturday, 25th July (9pm PDT), and hopefully he may answer them!


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Animation Source newsJuly 18, 2015
Dark Mode for Minions Source!


Within the few days that Minions Source has been open to the public, some users have mentioned that the yellow background is "too bright for their eyes." After making an attempt to tone down the color of the background, we decided that it just didn't look good, so we reverted back to the original background and made it clear that we won't be altering the design any further. But to keep the peace and respect the eyesight of others, I've decided to make a secondary design. As you can see from the screenshot bellow, I've gone with a blue theme that I referenced from [...]

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Animation Source newsJuly 15, 2015
Dancing around the color


Okay folks, one more little (read: FINAL) update on the situation with the Minions Source color scheme and brightness fun.  lol  We've considered how things looked since it was requested, by a miniscule number of people, that we change the brightness of the yellow because it was apparently so overwhelming...

In discussion with the moderators, and also with some experienced, artistic and creative members, we've made a command decision: the new setting wasn't working.  It was toned down...dark.  Muddy.  (In the exact words of one of those queried [...]

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Animation Source newsJuly 15, 2015
Minions source color layout
Hey everyone!  So we've been receiving feedback on the question of the layout of Minions So [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsJuly 14, 2015
Minions Source is officially o...
Hello everybody!  I would like to pass along the happy news that Minions Source is now open for [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsJuly 09, 2015
The Iron Giant is returning to...
Brad Bird’s The Iron Giant may have bombed at box office on it’s 1999 release, but it ha [...] Read more!

Balto Source newsJune 23, 2015
James Horner : RIP
This is a pretty sad news that I've just learned : James Horner, the famous composer of the soun [...] Read more!

Troll Berserker
Animation Source newsJune 09, 2015
Ginga Source is opened!
I'm happy to announce the first anime-related page on Animation Source. Ginga Source is now o [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsMay 14, 2015
Ratchet & Clank - In Theatres,...
Ratchet & Clank, the upcoming animated feature based on the hit PlayStation video game franchise [...] Read more!

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