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Balto is an animated film, released in 1995 and produced by the Universal / Amblimation studios.

BaltoThe film follows such films as An American Tail or Land Before Time from the same studio, which share common points with the Disney animated films, and were released during the golden age of traditional western animation.

The story of Balto deals with wolves and dog sledding, and is based on true facts that happened in 1925 in Nome, Alaska, where diphteria, a fatal disease, occured.
Finish line
Two low-budget sequels to Balto have been released to date, being direct-to-video sequels unlike the original.

This site aims to give the growing Balto fan community everything to share their passion!

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Animation Source newsMarch 03, 2015
How about some Shout Box changes?


Yesturday I was looking at the chat, and figured... Maybe it'd be time for some changes!

The first change is a big one : now, the default chat on all sites is the Shared Shout Box! Which means that on all the sites, you'll be able to talk with everyone, whatever the site they're on!

New interface shoutbox

The other change is : I have gathered all chat functions which were scattered and basic text links, into a buttons bar that you'll find right under the chat.

This includes things you probably never or rarely used, such as :

- Changing the chat background (list of backgrounds [...]

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Animation Source newsMarch 02, 2015
Anastasia source's new layout


Hello Animation Source!

I'm happy to announce that one of AS' less popular sources, Anastasia Source just get a brand new design!

The style is on English side only. You can always come back to the previous style in Choose a style option.


Animation Source newsMarch 01, 2015
A new Ducktales series in 2017!!!


What comes at a total shock for me, totally unexpected coming from Disney, is the confirmation that Disney will be making a whole new series for "Ducktales", coming on Disney XD in 2017! 

Ducktales reboot

The official press release states that the new series is a reboot, while keeping the same main characters and even side characters (Gizmoduck, anyone?)

For the youngest readers here who don't know about the series, this is the most cult and most popular animated series of Disney in the 80's/90's! It's a series based on the famous comics released by Carl [...]

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Animation Source newsFebruary 24, 2015
Disney Earns Oscars for Big Hero 6 and Feast


While DreamWorks has recently been scoring film awards left and right for How to Train Your Dragon 2, Disney was still given the recognition by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences when it won the two animation categories at the 87th Academy Awards.

Meet the newest animated Oscar winners: Big Hero 6 (left) and Feast (right).

Big Hero 6, the latest animated film by Walt Disney Animation Studios and helmed by directors Don Hall and Chris Williams, was chosen as the Oscar winner for Best Animated Feature. This marks the second time in a row that the studio has won the [...]

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Animation Source newsFebruary 12, 2015
A tribute to 2D Animation
This video will speak for itself! I think it's quite beautiful and I like they were able [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsFebruary 10, 2015
Darkwing Duck is back!
The comic book collecting all the Disney's Darkwing Duck comics from 2010-2011, is now available [...] Read more!

Balto Source newsFebruary 04, 2015
AniMat's Classic Reviews - Bal...
Thanks to a major Patreon pledge I personally did for animation critic and historian AniMat (aka Mat [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsFebruary 03, 2015
New York Int'l Children's Film...
I've received an email from the managers of the New York Int'l Children's Film Fest [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsFebruary 01, 2015
Dragon 2 and Mickey Mouse Scor...
Despite struggling recently with box office disappointments, layoffs, and the closure of the PDI stu [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsJanuary 26, 2015
Strange Magic Gets Box Office ...
Earlier this week, George Lucas’ animated fantasy Strange Magic flew into theatres across Nort [...] Read more!

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March 04, 2015

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