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Balto is an animated film, released in 1995 and produced by the Universal / Amblimation studios.

BaltoThe film follows such films as An American Tail or Land Before Time from the same studio, which share common points with the Disney animated films, and were released during the golden age of traditional western animation.

The story of Balto deals with wolves and dog sledding, and is based on true facts that happened in 1925 in Nome, Alaska, where diphteria, a fatal disease, occured.
Finish line
Two low-budget sequels to Balto have been released to date, being direct-to-video sequels unlike the original.

This site aims to give the growing Balto fan community everything to share their passion!

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Animation Source newsOctober 02, 2014
First "Inside Out" Trailer


Pixar's next film, Inside Out, has been in the works for a long time. And now, a mere 8 months before its theatrical release, Pixar has released its first teaser trailer!

The teaser mixes together emotions we have seen in all previous Pixar films, before giving us some clips from Inside Out. Keep in mind, since this IS a teaser trailer from Pixar, none of these clips will likely be seen in the final film. This is just to introduce you to the characters.

Inside Out releases worldwide next June.


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Animation Source newsSeptember 04, 2014
Hullabaloo is funded!


The new full-length 2D animated movie from veteran Disney and DreamWorks animators has been funded!

Hullabaloo, the steampunk animated superhero story is the brainchild of creator James Lopez (The Lion King, The Emperor’s New Groove) and a veteran team of animators, modelers, composers and voice actors. Lopez is a Disney veteran who has also served stints at Warner Bros. and DreamWorks, so he definitely has the credintials.

Lopez and his team started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise $80,000 for the film production, but now it received 140% of expected goal, with $111,705! [...]

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Animation Source newsSeptember 01, 2014
HTTYD Site-Wide Contest: The WInners!


Congratulations to our two winners in the How to Train Your Dragon fan contest!

In the art category, Windhowler's "Tracking" won by a slight majority! In the fanart, "Four Wings" by Pawface was the winner! These two winners will receive FREE digital downloads of How to Train Your Dragon 2 when it releases in a month or two!


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Balto Source newsAugust 30, 2014
Reminder of the Site Rules


Every so often, unfortunately, sometimes the site rules have to be brought back up again, just to refresh members of the particulars. Please, don't argue in the comments about particular situations that caused these rules to be brought up - and don't argue against the rules themselves. These rules are here to stay. The whole point of rules is to help people enjoy this site and keep it kid-friendly. If you have problems with that, or if you're otherwise unable to keep them, you're free to leave.

Specifically, the two rules that people seem to have forgotten are #2 and [...]

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Animation Source newsAugust 01, 2014
Our latest Site-Wide Contest has come to a close, and now the time has come for you to vote on your [...] Read more!

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Balto Source newsJuly 14, 2014
Balto Source anniversary featu...
Hello again Balto Source. Sorry for being a bit late with news entry, but this Friday Balto Source h [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsJuly 14, 2014
20 Reasons Why The Lion King S...
Two big publications ( and posted interesting articles recently, to celebrate the [...] Read more!

Troll Berserker
Balto Source newsJuly 13, 2014
Ask Phil Weinstein!
That's right, Phil Weinstein, director of both Wolf Quest and Wings of Change, agreed to an [...] Read more!

Balto Source newsJuly 10, 2014
Everything Wrong With Balto
Sorry this took so long, but "Everything Wrong With Balto" is done and ready for your view [...] Read more!

Troll Berserker
Animation Source newsJune 22, 2014
Small updates and glitch fixes
Hello Animation Source. I just wanted to let everyone know that the contest and projects glitch h [...] Read more!

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October 24, 2014

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Nava, Aniu, Balto and Aleu
A view on the possible relationship between them.

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