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Balto is an animated film, released in 1995 and produced by the Universal / Amblimation studios.

BaltoThe film follows such films as An American Tail or Land Before Time from the same studio, which share common points with the Disney animated films, and were released during the golden age of traditional western animation.

The story of Balto deals with wolves and dog sledding, and is based on true facts that happened in 1925 in Nome, Alaska, where diphteria, a fatal disease, occured.
Finish line
Two low-budget sequels to Balto have been released to date, being direct-to-video sequels unlike the original.

This site aims to give the growing Balto fan community everything to share their passion!

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Balto Source newsNovember 23, 2015
BBC Two's "The Making of Balto"


An obscure 22-minute documentary on Balto has recently made it’s way onto YouTube. Produced and aired by UK’s BBC Two, The Making of Balto documents behind the scenes of the movie, with director Simon Wells and some of the Amblimation crew explaining the many different processes used over the three-year production. A must-watch for Balto fans and animation buffs alike!

Special thanks to masa8492 for sharing this with us in the forums.


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Animation Source newsNovember 23, 2015
The End of Summer?


Yes my dear friends, sadly it is the end of our adventures in Gravity Falls.

It could not be put into better words, everything must end sometime so cherish it while it last. That is one great lesson that this show, and the wonderful crew can give. 

And don't fret, Alex is sure to move on to bigger, and better things so it is not the end of this artist's career, no in fact it is just the beginning, who knows what he'll bring us next!

There will always be a place here for Gravity Falls to thrive, this wonderful world living on and growing in the hearts of us fans, [...]

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Animation Source newsOctober 27, 2015
Dragon's Lair : The Movie Kickstarter by Don Bluth


Don Bluth & Gary Goldman, the two famous creators of cult animated films like The Secret of NIMH and All Dogs Go To Heaven are coming back with a Kickstarter!

They aim at creating a movie adapted from the Dragon's Lair video games (which were already like animated films) And for this, they need $550 000!

NB : If you're willing to contribute, don't forget my very own Kickstarter too! :p


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Animation Source newsOctober 15, 2015
Radio Source is back!



Thats right folks! Thanks to our great friend Barrow, Radio Source is back and live with animation music streaming to your ears! We have placed link buttons under the Partners sidebar section and on the shout box pages to get you tuned in easily.

What's is Radio Source?
Radio Source is the internet radio station of Animation Source, the place where the magical world of animation can be experienced through music. We play 24-hour non-stop music from the animated movies featured on the site and beyond in both English and French, featuring tunes from the [...]

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Animation Source newsOctober 07, 2015
Demetrios game now on Kickstar...
"Demetrios? What's that?" Well, this is none other than your favorite webmaster' [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsSeptember 27, 2015
The Angry Birds Movie gets a t...
Whether you like it or not, there’s no denying that the simple, yet popular video game franchi [...] Read more!

Troll Berserker
Animation Source newsSeptember 21, 2015
Mod application reminder!
Just a reminder, We have applications for a mod job at this time. We are mostly looking for a f [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsAugust 03, 2015
Minions Source is no longer? [...
Minions Source is Gone for good? Not to worry!  Minions Source isn't going anywhere [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsAugust 03, 2015
Do you want to be a mod?
Hello members of the sources. It has time for us to open applications for people to complete, [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsJuly 25, 2015
Land Before Time is coming on ...
Amazon has just started listing a "The Land Before Time" (Blu-ray + DIGITAL HD). It [...] Read more!

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