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Anastasia is the very first cartoon movie produced by the 20th Century Fox, known to have also distributed, later, Titanic and some other big successes.

Produced in 1997, the movie hitted the theaters in November of 1997.

  The history of the cartoon is inspired by the born legend authors of the elimination of Romanov during the Russian Revolution : A rumour circulates in Russia, claiming that Anastasia has survived. 

The movie thus redraws the route of the girl of Empress Marie, young orphan in search of her identity. She is helped by Dimitri, who sees at first in her only an interest to grow rich by receiving the ransom of the Empress, and Vlad, the young heiress will travel of St Petersbourg in Paris to discover whom she truley is..

There are no sequels are planned to this day, but a spin-off (DTV Sequel) have been released, as Bartok as the main character.


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Animation Source newsJuly 20, 2016


Have you noticed this new "notifications" icon under the banner? => Notification icon

Have you ever missed some messages that were posted on one of your drawing? Now you'll get notified when someone posts on your gallery, and you'll be able to reply immediately!

You'll also get notified when drawings you've submitted have been accepted, or when you get a private message... (see the full list below)

In addition to these, if you use either Google Chrome or Firefox, you'll get that kind of alert :

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Animation Source newsJuly 19, 2016
July Bambi Source News


Hello, this is Pawface with the Bambi Source News for July!
I just wanted to show some of the newest creations by some of the members on the Source and myself, plus three recently-sent official characters . . .




New Official Characters

The Mouse
The Mouse
 A minor, but pretty memorable "Bambi" character.

 One of Thumper's sisters, known in the "Disney Bunnies" book series for having the biggest tail of her siblings.

A character featured in the "Thumper [...]

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Animation Source newsJuly 16, 2016
Oh, my! Changes on AS!


No, you're not dreaming - there are indeed new icons under the site banner!

I wanted to give a modern look to the interface and make it easier to use, with large and easy to identify icons.

It retains all the previous possibilities, they're just reorganized a bit. And this new interface will allow me to add some really useful possibilities soon!

You'll also notice a new "Quick Menu", which replaces the plain ugly select box and should make your life much easier to switch from one Animation Source site to another! :)

Quick menu



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Troll Berserker
Animation Source newsJuly 12, 2016
Free icon gallery is on!


Hello Animation Source!

Free icon gallery is now open! It's a public gallery with many beautiful icons contributed by AS members, free to use for everyone. Gallery is divided in different categories for every movie and contains avatars in forum and site profile sizes. Take a look, and maybe you'll find something you like :)


Gallery will still be open to contribute. If you wish to send your icons to the gallery, just post it in this project or send a PM with your creations directly to me aka. Troll Berserker.


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