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Animation Source newsSeptember 23, 2016
A Warning




Here is a message from Windhowler concerning theft and claiming your creations on Animation Source, Devintart, and any sites you are on.




This is a message to all those who draw and render/edit screenshots.


As you may or may not know, there are thieves on various websites, such as Chicken Smoothie, FeralFront, Facebook, Pinterest, Deviantart, and Google Plus.

These thieves are mostly roleplayers. They use artwork and edits from Animation [...]

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Animation Source newsSeptember 16, 2016
Finally, some progress on the Byron Howard thing!


Good news, folks!

I know all of you have been waiting with supreme patience for some results of the submission of your questions to the Walt Disney Animation's Publiciy Department, which were to be forwarded to Zootopia director Byron Howard to answer.  We've all had to wait a long time (over two months), and I don't doubt that some of you, by now, firmly believe that the answers from Byron were never going to materialize.  And I couldn't possibly blame you at this point.  But there is a bright light at the end of that long tunnel!


Unexpectedly, I received an e-mail [...]

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Animation Source newsAugust 27, 2016
The hub gets an overhaul!


Some of you may have known I was working on a new design for the hub, but otherwise I've kept quiet about it. lol Anyway, the design has been approved by Steet and is now the default theme! If you prefer Steet's design, you can still use it by clicking on the "style" button.


The color scheme is a bit similar to the one found on the French side, but mine is a bit darker I believe. I was also aiming towards a old paper style. :P


That's all!


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Animation Source newsAugust 02, 2016
Critics say Ice Age 5 is a cold disaster


Ice Age 5: Collision Course has progressively made it’s way around the world in theatres and has finally arrived in North American cinemas. Reception-wise however, things are not looking good for the fifth instalment… In fact, like the meteor in the movie, it’s pretty disastrous when you think about it.


While the previous sequels have received mixed reactions from critics, the fifth movie set a new low for the ageing franchise where most critics and even Ice Age fans disliked the movie. At time of writing, Ice Age 5 has toxic scores of 12% on Rotten Tomatoes [...]

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Animation Source newsJuly 29, 2016
Articles revamped! Help wanted...
I've been wanting to revamp the fan galleries for years, and I've started with the articles! (Belie [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsJuly 20, 2016
Have you noticed this new "notifications" icon under the banner? =>  Have you ever misse [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsJuly 19, 2016
July Bambi Source News
Hello, this is Pawface with the Bambi Source News for July. I just wanted to show some of the [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsJuly 16, 2016
Oh, my! Changes on AS!
No, you're not dreaming - there are indeed new icons under the site banner! I wanted to give [...] Read more!

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Animation Source newsJuly 12, 2016
Free icon gallery is on!
Hello Animation Source! Free icon gallery is now open! It's a public gallery with many beautiful [...] Read more!

Animation Source newsJuly 03, 2016
Submissions & other activity o...
Greetings, gang!  And, to the American members, let me wish you a happy Independence Day (one [...] Read more!

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